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The viral application FarmVille was launched by Zynga after it became apparent that farming games were dominating on Facebook and MySpace. With Farm Town leading the way, Zynga was able to use its massive resources to launch an improved farming game that has since grown to over 60 million monthly active users.

The goal of the game is to earn cash by growing fruits and vegetables, raising barnyard animals, and helping out your FarmVille neighbors. With that money, players customize their farm by buying buildings, decorations, vehicles and better crops. As players get better, they have the option to expand their farm. With a bigger farm, gamers can plow a bigger field or just add more items to their farm (such as livestock or buildings).

Farmville cheats

FarmVille Cheats Using Cheat Engine

A great strategy to level up more quickly in FarmVille is to use the Cheat Engine 5.5! Sometimes Zynga may close loopholes that you can use to hack the game, but so far the Cheat Engine is still working! Just download the engine (version 5.5) and you should be able to open it during gameplay to edit things such as time, coins, experience, and more!

Multiple Browser Gifting

This may not work the same on every browser: You'll want to create another facebook account that will be secondary to your main account. Add the FarmVille application. This will be the account you will use to send gifts to the primary account you have (that you want to earn coins on).

Right click the Gift tab on your secondary account and select the option to open in a new browser. You can open as many new browsers in this trick as you want. In each screen, select the gifts you want. Do this in each browser before you confirm the selection. Then you will want to go through each window and select your primary account as the recipient. Once you are done selecting your account in each window, go through and confirm each selection. Voila! Now you will have a ton of gifts that you can sell for coins!

Get Quick Experience Points

If you are close to leveling up and just need a bump of experience points, this is the way to get them! You will need to plow 10 plots, so make sure you have the space and 150 coins for this. After that, plant Soybeans in those 10 plots (that will cost 150 coins as well). Immediately after you plow and plant, use the shovel tool to delete all 10 spots. It may seem counter intuitive to delete these spaces, but when you plow and plant soybeans you will gain 30 XP on those 10 plots. This is the easiest way to bump up to the next level, if you are just a hair shy of being able to plant cash crops.

Two Chicken Coop Cheat

FarmVille explicitly says that players are only allowed one chicken coop per farm, but here are some steps you can follow to get a second coop.

1.Open two tabs in your browser. One tab should be going to your farm and the other to your Facebook home page.

2.If you already own a Chicken Coop, remove all of your chickens from it.

3.Sell the existing Chicken Coop.

4.Click on the FarmVille Market; you should see the Chicken Coop as being unlocked. Leave the screen as is.

5.Go back to your Facebook tab and search your home page for Mystery Egg posts from your neighbors. Once you find a Mystery Egg, open it in a new tab. Make sure you do not click Okay yet.

6.Return to the FarmVille tab; in the FarmVille Market, you can now purchase a Chicken Coop.

7.Place the Chicken Coop somewhere on your farm.

8.Reload your farm by clicking Play at the top of the game page. You should see the Chicken Coop that you just bought and placed on your farm. Also, if you check your Gift Box, you should see ANOTHER Chicken Coop.

9.Place the second Chicken Coop (from your gift box) on your farm and you're done! Congratulations! Two Chicken Coops!

Good Samaritan Ribbon Cheat

By helping out your FarmVille neighbors, you can earn the Farmville Good Samaritan Ribbon. Every time that you go to a neighbor's farm, you will be prompted to complete a mini-mission (such as raking leaves, scaring away pests, et cetera). Every time you click Accept and help your FarmVille neighbor, you will gain 5 XP. Not only that, but when you help out a neighbor you will also earn 20 FarmVille coins! At least you will for the first 20 people that you visit.

But in order to earn the final Good Samaritan Ribbon Cheat you must have visited 2,500 FarmVille neighbors! Fortunately, there is a cheat you can use to that you can earn the ribbon faster! Basically, with this cheat you can visit each of your neighbors up to 5 times in one day and you will get credit for every visit.

Follow these FarmVille trick steps:

1. Click on a neighbor's icon at the bottom of your game screen to visit their farm

2. While their farm loads, and before the window pops up to confirm that you are going to help them, click their icon again to visit their farm. If you can complete this step fast enough you can visit the farm about 5 more times! It takes a little skill for this cheat but if you can do it right, you can earn much more XP and get that Good Samaritan Ribbon much faster!

Farmville tips

Plow and Harvest Your Farm Faster

When the game initially loads, your FarmVille character will be in the center of the screen. A good strategy to use in order to make farming faster is to surround the character with objects so it can't walk around. So at the center of the application screen, place items (such as hay bales or fences) around your character. After you do so, once you click any items onscreen, the farmer won't have to walk to complete the action.

Plant Only Cash Crops

In order to maximize your FarmVille cash profit, you should plant the crops the yield the most coins relative to what you originally paid for the seeds. Some plants, such as the Pink Rose, may look great when they are mature but they don't give you the best return on your investment. The best cash crops are as follows: 

Tomatoes: Lvl20 Cost:100 Growth:8 hours XP:1 Price:173 Profit:58 Yield/HR:7.25

Sugar Cane: Lvl31 Cost:165 Growth:8 hours XP:1 Price:239 Profit:59 Yeild/HR:7.37

Grapes: Lvl19 Cost:85 Growth:1 day XP:2 Price:270 Profit:170 Yeild/HR:7.39

Asparagus: Lvl37 Cost:220 Growth:16 hours XP:2 Price:357 Profit:122 Yeild/HR:7.63

Peas: Lvl32 Cost:190 Growth:1 day XP:3 Price:381 Profit:176 Yeild/HR:7.65

Don't Ignore the Ribbons

The best way to get some easy coins and XP in the game is to complete the ribbons or achievements.'It's easy to ignore the achievements but over time you can earn thousands of coins simply through receiving ribbons. Click on the blue ribbon button in the bottom-right corner of the screen and you will see a list of simple and easily achieved ribbons. There are 4 levels for each achievement and there are 18 different ones – so overall there are 72 awards to be one. And that means massive amounts of coins!

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