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Treasure Madness is a Facebook game made by zSlide, a social video games developer and publisher. You will pick up the role of treasure hunter in this gamee; by visiting different islands and digging up treasure with a shovel, you will earn gold. There are three types of items you will dig up: gold, food and puzzle games.

What Do Treasure Madness Items Do?

Food items This items will restore your HP (health) so that you can dig more.

Gold With gold you can buy better equipment and puzzle helpers.

Puzzles The puzzles "contain" the rare treasures you set out to find. If you solve the Treasure Madness puzzle, you will earn the treasure and get skill points to level up. Whenever you leve up in Treasure Madness, you are presented with a bonus stage. If you win, you get a food item.

The best part about the game, however, is all of the mini-games included. There are challenges such as a memory game and a jewel swapping game (similar to Bejewled Blitz for Facebook). Each challenge that you play earns you more treasures, gold and food. To keep digging, a player must eat food from the island. Otherwise, the HP level will be too low to dig. Treasure Madness is a game that combines both puzzle playing and an attractive Facebook game interface.

Treasure Madness Cheats

Play With Multiple Accounts

Faster Set Acquisition

You Can Earn Sets Faster The treasures you can find come in treasure sets. The good thing about treasures is that they can be traded between friends This means that if you wanted to earn a complete set quickly, you could use multiple accounts to send your treasure set items to your main account. Just add the items that you would wish to send to your recipient account’s “wish list”. When you log into your extra accounts, find your Team. You should see your primary account in there and which items it wants or has. Then send away!

You Can Have Double the Energy In this game, you can send Health kits to your friends. When used these health kits completely refill your energy to full. You can only use one every 24 hours but if you keep sending your main account health kits you will never run out and it will essentially double your energy.

Do Some Self Gifting If you have multiple Treasure Madness accounts, you will be able to send yourself free gifts! Although the rewards aren't high you should still take advantage of this!

Treasure Madness Tips

Master the Puzzles!

For each treasure puzzle that you master, you unlock additional puzzle types to play. As you level up in Treasure Madness and unlock more puzzles, they will get harder (and more fun!).

Treasure Madness Information

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