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Mind Jolt is not just one game for Facebook, it is a collection of addictive games. Mind Jolt mainly consists of classic and new arcade games for Facebook users to play alone or with their friends. The most popular Mind Jolt games are Bricks Breaking, Bouncing Balls, Combine, Three Towers Solitaire and Word Drop – but it doesn’t stop there. There is an assortment of arcade games for users to pick from to play.

Mind Jolt Cheats

Using the Cheat Engine

It seems that the Cheat Engine can even be used with Mind Jolt games on Facebook; the video below shows a user hacking Supreme Deer Hunter on Facebook. If you know how to use the Cheat Engine, you should be able to easily apply it to any Facebook game you are playing.

Mind Jolt Tips

Use Your Tab Key

This Mind Jolt cheat is a little touchy, but it works sometimes. What you’ll want to do is to use your "tab" key during certain games. What it will do will is highlight the target; then you will want to hit the "enter key" to click it.

Right Clicking During the Game

Try right clicking during a game; it can pause many of the games. This allows you to move through the game frame by frame, giving you the advantage as a player.

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