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Mob Wars was the original Mob based Facebook application; Mafia Wars by Zynga copied Psycho Monkey LLC’s game. Even though Mob Wars is a text based game, it still has over 1 million active users. The point of this Facebook RPG game is to level up, become powerful and have the most Mob Wars cash. Once you become an influential Mob boss in Mob Wars, that’s when the real fun starts.

When you start your game, you get to choose what type of mobster you want to be. There is the Tycoon, Insomniac and Bulletproof type of mobsters. They specialize in money, energy and stamina respectively. Choose wisely when you are creating your mobster! This will help you down the road as you get more experience and money in Mob Wars.

Mob Wars Cheats

Stop Leveling to Make Money

Once you get around level 20, just stop playing once you log in. That is, don’t fight or pull jobs. Just put all of your money back into properties. If you do this for a long while (think a few weeks) then your daily income will unbelievable. It throws the game off if you’re extremely rich at such a low level. You will be able to have a mob as big as you want, let them equip anything, put hits on anyone you want, and make the rest of the game easy for you. If you have a ton of money in Mob Wars, there isn’t that much to worry about.

Pull Hits in a Group

Instead of taking out the people who have hits on them by yourself, get together with other higher level friends an annihilate the enemy together. If you can get into a group of at least 4-5 people, you can simultaneously attack hits as a group. If you do it all at once, there is a good chance one of you will get the kill. As you play for an hour or more, you could easily bring in a few billion.

Mob Wars Hacks

Use the User ID to Hack Mob Wars

Most applications use Facebook id's to identify a player. If you want to find out who someone really is, look at the URL at the top of the page. It will look something like this: Where the x's are, there will be numbers. These numbers correlate directly to the facebook user id. Copy this url, and paste it into the address bar: Replace the x's with the numbers from the first address, and go to the page. What this allows you to do is find out who you are REALLY playing. This can help you make alliances in the game or find out information about your foes.

Buy Items in Custom Quantities

If you don’t want to buy an item in multiples of 1, 5, or 10, this is the hack for you. (This trick hopefully still works, but seeing that Facebook and Mob Wars may be constantly changing their programming, there is a chance it does not.) What you want to do is this: Save the stockpile and/or city page locally to your desktop using "save as" in your browser. Then, you want to open it up with an HTML editor, find the item you want to change, and change the drop down menu value. Open up the page locally, and buy away. This is a pretty complicated cheat for the average user and it doesn’t accomplish that much. But if you like to get away with things, go ahead and try!

Mob Wars Tips

Choose the Right Type of Mobster

This is all personal preference, but as you play Mob Wars you will either run out of money, stamina or energy. At the beginning of the game, you get to pick what type of mobster you would like to be. There is a Mob Wars strategy in picking your character. Decide which will be best in the long run! The types are:


The tycoon class of mobster specializes in, you guessed it, money. These mobsters earn more money from properties than other types of mobsters would. Tycoons get property payments about every 54 minutes. If you are a Tycoon, will you get paid about two extra times a day – which can really snowball as you start to buy expensive properties in Mob Wars. If you’re not going to be doing a whole lot in Mob Wars day to day, then you might want to consider being a Tycoon. When you finally come back to the game, you will have a ton of cash that you can spend on weapons, armor or more properties.


If you are an Insomniac, you are going to regenerate your energy much faster than other players. If you have more energy than other mobsters, you can complete more jobs in one day. If you are an Insomniac, you should level fairly quickly. This is also a class for people who want to play a few times a day. You need energy to do basically anything, so if yours is always refilling you get a chance to do more things.


If you are a Bulletproof mobster, your stamina will regenerate at an accelerated rate. This allows you to fight other mobsters more often since you need stamina to fight. If you plan on playing Mob Wars a lot (and playing longer sessions) you should probably be in the Bulletproof class. This is also a class that will level fairly quickly.

How to Make Money in Mob Wars

Complete Jobs for Money

When you are below a level 15 mobster, it would be a good idea for you to continually complete jobs. It will be your main source of income and experience. The only risk you take with jobs is going to jail, but you can escape from that. But remember, sometimes you need to take certain actions or buy certain items to complete a job. So if you are unable to do a job, make sure you check your inventory first – the problem is that most likely you do not have the necessary items or equipment to complete it.

Fight Other Players to Get Their Money

This is a great way to earn money and experience if your character is a good fighter. A good rule of thumb to determine this is whether or not you have a high attack level. The higher your attack is, the easier it is to win. To make the most of your fight, look for victims that have high value properties; that way you know they have money you can take once you win.

Be a Hitman

Completing hits successfully is a good way for a high level character to get a lot of cash. A player can bring in billions from only one hit. But beware! The mobsters that usually have hits on them are tough. Also, you need to realize that the hits won’t stay posted for long. Other people are trying to take the mobsters out, too. So it would be best if you worked quickly and efficiently and didn’t wait to long to kill the mobster.

Use Favor Points with The Godfather

If you have money to spend to get favor points, you can trade those in with the Godfather to get cash in the game. I wouldn’t suggest doing this often because it doesn’t build up your character. It’s basically a cheat to get money (but it’s not free).


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