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Country Story is a farm RPG Facebook game created by Playfish. This flash game is completely different from FarmVille, though. In Country Story, it is set up more like a normal RPG game. You have a character you can customize, a farm to decorate, and you complete quests for rewards. The flash design is much more advanced than FarmVille, which in some respects makes it better than Zynga’s farming game. You start out as a young farmer with only a few plots, but as you complete quests and level up in Country Story you can expand your farm. Eventually you can buy animals and grow more exotic crops. The experience is more hands on, since you control your character with everything you do in Country Story. So enjoy living the life of a farmer in Country Story, but make sure to use our Country Story tips in order to make your playing experience great!

Country Story Cheats

Using the Cheat Engine with Country Story

The Cheat Engine 5.5 can be used with Country Story; there are only a few examples listed in this article but if you are familiar with the program, you will be able to accomplish pretty much anything. Good luck!

Unlimited Stamina with the Cheat Engine

What you will need to complete this cheat is the Cheat Engine 5.5, Mozilla Firefox and Adobe Flash Player 10. Follow these steps and you will have unlimited stamina in no time!

1) Open up Country Story

2) Select browser in Cheat Engine (hex, 8bytes, ASROM)

3) Plant/harvest something to use up stamina

4) Scan "558B000000F4888B" 2 address returned.

5) Right click the top address and disassemble it

6) 2 lines down you'll see the line "sub ecx,edx". Change it to "sub edx,edx"

Ta da! Now any action that you commit will not deduct stamina from your Country Story stamina.


Stealing Continuously From Neighbors

Complete the steps in the above cheat, then:

7) Go to your friend's farm and STEAL a crop. The stealing must be successful to find the value.

8) NEW Scan "C82B000000D48A8B" 1 address returned.

9) Right click disassemble and change the line "sub ecx,eax" to "sub eax,eax"

10) Now you are able to continuously steal from your neighbors!

Stop Getting Error Messages For Too Many Plots

If you are getting an error message for having too many plots of land, this is a way to stop it from popping up! 1. Open up Country Story. 2. Before the error message pops up, disconnect from the internet and work offline 3. Now, you will want to go to: decorate > special > drag the remove plot icon onto the land that you want to remove. 4. If a window pops up and says that you have no connection and asks if you want to retry, click “no.” 5. Remove the plots until you have a reasonable amount, then RECONNECT your internet. Now plow, seed and water a few plots. Then you will want to save your game. 6. You'll no longer have the error message! If you keep getting the message, you can work offline and remove even more land.

Country Story Tips

Schedule Your Country Story Time

Just like with FarmVille, Country Story is an appointment-based game. If you weren’t going to log on multiple times within 24 hours, it wouldn’t benefit you to plant items that have a low yield yet grow very quickly. But, unlike FarmVille, Country Story crops don’t wilt if you leave them grown for too long. Or, if they do, I haven’t left them alone for long enough for them to spoil. You could earn more Country Story cash and experience if you play smart!

Get Good Country Story Neighbors

As with other social games on Facebook, having neighbors is an integral part of the game. They can help you out with your farm if you’re away from it for a long period of time. Neighbors also provide a source to steal from if you need to feed an animal that you simply cannot keep up with. Tr y to get as many neighbors as possible in Country Story. If you do your daily duties you will earn the 10 friendship points that are important in the game.

Most Importantly – Complete Quests

Although growing crops in Country Story is the main attraction, you don’t want to ignore your Quest Log either. You will always have a list of quests to complete. Most of them concern growing certain types of crops, so by farming you usually complete these quests. However, sometimes you have quests in Country Story that require you to do something abnormal, like collecting stones or rocks or maybe even visiting neighbors. If you keep completing these quests, you will earn Country Story coins and you will also get food rewards as well. When you eat food in Country Story, it gives you stamina to complete more tasks.

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