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Country Life is the brand new farming game for Facebook that was actually created by a small, independent gaming company. It has over 5 million users and it is growing strong and it may be a great massively multi-player online game to check out. As with other farming RPG games, the goal is to earn coins and experience by planting crops, decorating your farm and raising livestock. The unique look of Country Life is one of the best parts of the game. The animals look somewhere between a flash animation and claymation; it is a completely different feel from the pixilated FarmVille universe.

Not only is the look different, but the actual act of farming is different as well. Gamers are given the opportunity to do more with the crops they harvest rather than just selling them. For example, once you plant some clover and then harvested it, you can use it with your animals. The cows eat the clover and then the cows will produce milk. The milk can then be used in a machine that makes cheese. So instead of selling the clover immediately for less money, you can use it to ultimately make cheese. What you grow on your farm in Country Life can be used much more in depth compared to games like FarmVille and Country Story. With that being said, the gameplay will be a little limited in comparison to the bigger games. There are only six different crops you can plant. They are: clover, wheat, corn, tomatoes, carrots and grapes. Each you can use in a variety of ways, but those are limited as well since there are only cows, sheep, chickens, rabbits and bees to feed. On top of the crops and animals, you then can only buy four machines.

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Expensive Country Life Items

The items in Country Life tend to be expensive and some of them can only be bought with RC (Ranch Cash). Ranch Cash be purchased with real money or you can earn it by completing offers through Country Life. So if you are planning on buying the expensive items you will need to carefully budget your earned cash and coins in Country Life.

Get as Many Neighbors as You Can

Because of all of the high priced items, getting neighbors is almost imperative for success in the game. The neighbors that you have must be playing at higher levels in order to have access to those higher level items. But there is an additional drawback to Country Life when it comes to NEEDING neighbors. Although there are 5 million users, it is still not nearly as big as FarmVille. Getting neighbors may be difficult.

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