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Zoo World is a game that lets you become a zookeeper on Facebook – and the goal is to simply become the best! You want to get the most visitors, have the best animals and make the most money each day. There are a variety of achievements you can earn at your zoo and different animals to display, so there is always something new to do! Compete with family, friends and other players online to make the best zoo!

Zoo World Tips

Refresh Your Browser!

A great way to make sure you're making the most money in your Zoo World as you possibly can is to make sure your browser is refreshing (or you are checking back often). If you let your browser stay open on the Zoo World application, you can hack it by making sure the page will refresh. If you use Mozilla Firefox when you're playing Zoo World, just download the "reload every..." add-on! If you do this Zoo World hack successfully, you can make money even when you're not at the computer! Your Zoo days will continue to pass and you will make a lot of money.

How to Buy Zoo World Animals

If you want to buy an animal to put into your zoo, click the shop icon at the bottom of your game. You can also click the shop tab at the top of the zoo page. Once in the shop screen, click the animal category. What animals you are allowed to purchase for your zoo depends on what level you are and how much money you have to purchase the anima. Once you choose an animal you would like to buy, click the buy button and then also confirm your purchase.

Once you confirm your purchase, the page will reload so that you can buy a new animal if you wish to do so. In order to put your animal in your own zoo, click the visit zoo tab at the top of your page. Once the zoo screen loads, there will be a message telling you that you have a new item in your inventory. Confirm with this message if you'd like to place the new items or animals in your zoo.

Drag the animal to the spot you would like it to appear in your zoo. Once you put it in a good place, you're done! Make sure to find the best spot for your new animal so that you can make the most money with your zoo!

Buy Good Zoo World Staff

If you buy good staff for your zoo, you will be able to improve your Zoo World rating and make the overall experience better for your customers. One of the most important things you can buy is a manager. They will keep your zoo in good order. After that, you can buy additional staff.

To staff your zoo, click the Shop button at the bottom of your game screen. When you have the option, click the Staff option under Category. Select which type (and the amount) of the staff you would like to buy for your zoo and confirm your purchase.

Above the staff, you will see suggested items that you should purchase. It would be a good idea to go ahead and buy these items because it will improve your Zoo World report card and performance of the zoo.

Find Daily Hidden Treasures

In Zoo World, if you find the daily hidden treasure you can earn extra zoo dollars. In order to find the daily hidden treasure, you need to click on your animals and all of the other items in your zoo. Once you click the right item, a message will pop up showing the amount of Zoo Dollars you found.

How to Earn Zoo Dollars

There are several different wants to earn Zoo Dollars in Zoo World.

Level up; The higher level you are, the more money you can make in Zoo World.

Zoo World visitors – Every time you get a visitor to your zoo in Zoo World, you earn Zoo Dollars. You can the admission price to whatever amount you want. By default, the ticket price is set at $1. The higher the ticket price, the more you can make. But if you set it too high, your customers won't be as happy.

Visit friends’ zoos – You can visit your neighbors’ zoos to earn zoo cash. Each time you visit a friend's zoo, you will earn $200.

Shaking trees – If you plant trees in your zoo, you can shake them each once a day to earn about $10 in zoo cash.

Take the daily quiz – You can earn Zoo Dollars by answering questions in a daily quiz.

Play the zoo lotto – It costs wildlife points to enter the lottery; but by entering the Zoo World lottery it gives you a chance to earn extra Zoo Dollars.

Finding hidden treasures – You can find hidden treasures in your zoo and your friend’s zoos to earn zoo dollars. To find these hidden treasures, you will want to click on both the animals and the items in your zoo.

Click on wildlife point trees – Clicking on the wildlife trees will cause them to drop wildlife points for which you can convert to zoo cash.

Convert wildlife points – You can also convert your wildlife points to zoo dollars. You can do this by clicking the Wildlife Funds tab at the top of your game. Then select the amount of points you want to convert.

Zoo World Cheats

Rumored Ticket Booth Money Trick

This cheat it worth trying - it has been rumored to work! Basically, you will want to open up your Zoo World application and go to your ticket booth. Then, click the ticket booth in your zoo and change the admittance to $10. Press okay. If this Zoo World hack is done properly (that is, if you click enough times) the amount of money you have should go up!

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