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Social City is one of the newest and fastest growing city simulators you can find on Facebook! The goal of the game is to build the cleanest and best city among your friends!. If you are familiar with the concept of SimCity, then you will adjust quickly to Playdom's Social City. When you first start the game you'll be greeted by an assistant who will walk you through how to manage your city. Basically, you will want to avoid disasters and do what's best for the people, so that you can be the most popular Social City mayor on Facebook. Give your virtual citizens a good home!

Social City Tips

Make Your City Pretty

If one of your goals in the game is to make the layout of the city pretty, then you'll start getting good points. Make sure your buildings are spaced correctly, placed in nice areas, and you decorate the city with trees and shrubs.

One downside to this game is that you cannot rotate the buildings so the game isn't COMPLETELY customizable, but Social City still looks very clean.

Know Your Social City Priorities | Social City Tips

Maintain Your Factories:

Factories are very important in Social City because they are one of the most helpful ways to make money in the game. Always build the max amount of factories you can so you can make the most money.

Make Your Citizens Happy:

You will want to make sure your citizens have a Happy or Neutral rating. The happier your citizens are in Social City, the better ratings you’ll get and eventually the more money you will make.

Maintain Your Residential Area:

This is a very important part of Social City, but probably should be your last priority. If you are looking to make good money, you may want to consider building some hotels; they make good money per hour but it will depend how often you log onto Social City, whether it is worth it to build the hotels.

Don’t Sell Your Social City Terrain

Although you may be tempted to sell the terrain because you can’t see how many people they store - don't sell them. They do store people even though it might not be immediately apparent.

Banana Monkey Terrain & Teddy Bear Terrain

The banana monkey terrain and the teddy bear terrain do have a people value, you just won’t be able to see it.

The Best Social City Terrain

The best social city terrain to give or buy is the windy park terrain. It has the highest value compared to the rest.

Don’t Build Roads in Your City

You shouldn’t worry about building roads in between buildings. It may look nice, but you will just be wasting space. Put your buildings next to each other; it will maximize your efficiency without having to upgrade the space of your Social City.

Social City Cheats

There seems to be a variety of cheats listed for Social City. This is a relatively new game so most of them are still untested - try them all at your own risk and good luck!

Free Factory Cheat

Press 8+F+G+BIG to get a free factory. You should be able to place your new factory anywhere within the city borders.

Happiness by Shirt Color Cheat

This isn't so much a cheat as it is an easter egg in the game. If you click on one of your citizens that is wearing a red shirt, then click on someone in a green shirt and then a blue shirt (in that exact order) you can increase the overall happiness in your city by +1. You should be able to complete this cheat as many times as you like.

Monster Factory Cheat

If you build a road in the shape of an 8x4 rectangle, you will be able to unlock the monster factory. (Untested.)

Magic Wand Cheat

If you stay logged into Facebook and leave your game running for 96 HOURS, you will unlock the magic wand.

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