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Barn Buddy is not the average farming application for Facebook. Although the premise is the same as most farming games, TheBroth developed Barn Buddy to take a completely different approach. Instead of growing crops for cash en masse, players start out with only six plots and will max out their farm at eighteen. Items such as decorations or animals can be purchased for the farm, but in a realistic fashion. The livestock is expensive enough to keep gamers from littering their farms with twenty cows.

Players have a more hands on role with their crops; in order to have a healthy harvest the plants must be watered, weeded and sprayed for bugs. Cute animations accompany every action taken in Barn Buddy. Although not as big as the Zynga games, Barn Buddy has approximately 6 million active users and is growing every day.

It's the little touches with Barn Buddy that truly sets it apart. Players can personally milk their cows, clean their pigs, collect eggs from their chickens and interact with all other aspects of the farm.

Barn Buddy Cheats

Free Dog Cheat

Although it is more of a Barn Buddy trick than a cheat, you are able to acquire a free guard dog in the game! In order to do so, you need to rally some friends. Invite 10 of your Facebook friends to join the Barn Buddy game; if they accept, then you will get a brand new dog for your Barn Buddy farm.

Barn Buddy Tips

Adding Weeds and Bugs for Experience Points

In order to make the most out of your gameplay on Barn Buddy, you need to have neighbors. They will be a big source of your XP, cash and vegetables. You can steal your neighbor's harvests or you can plan weeds and bugs. You can either choose to do this tip with a friend or you can make another Facebook account and act as your own neighbor.

In order to level up, add as many weeds as you can to your own Facebook account (or have your friend add as many weeds and bugs as they can to your fields). When you go to remove all of the weeds and bugs, you will get a substantial amount of points. This can be repeated as many times as necessary. Have fun leveling!

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