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Towner is yet another quickly growing town simulator game on Facebook. The goal of the game is to construct buildings, roads, dwellings and more so that your town will be the best rated out of all your friends and other players on Facebook. So be creative! You can build the town of your dreams! Construct houses, apartments, skyscrapers, five star hotels, and even international monuments. Attract people to live in your town by mantaining your buildings - and basically making the place really pretty. If you have always wanted to be a civil engineer, architect or you were just really good at SimCity, this game is for you!

Towner Tips

Be Creative With Your Buildings!

Towner by Metrogames gives you tons of options when it comes to buildings. There are creative building types such as the Mushroom Shrine and Dragon's Castle, so the sky is the limits!

Towner Cheats

Cheat Engine v5.5 Extended Cheat

Try this cheat at your own risk, since downloading and using the Cheat Engine could potentially get your Facebook account banned. This cheat is all rumor (and speculation) so there is no guarantee! Good luck:

1. Open your Firefox browser and open your Facebook account

2. Go to the Towner Application and load your own town

3. Go to your shop and buy some little red houses

4. Open cheat engine v5.5, click Process

5. Find the browser Firefox.exe. Now refer back to your Towner game

6. Copy the amount of coins you have in the game

7. Open the cheat engine v5.5 again and paste the number of coins you have into the value bar

8. Click First Scan, then go back to your Towner game, click shop and then business

9. Buy one factory - you should be able to see the money you're making

10. Try to estimate, based on what you will be buying, your income - then go to the cheat engine and choose "double"

11. Copy again the amount of your coins paste it into the Value Bar

12. After that, you should be able to go to the cheat engine and see what is called the FOUND number

13. Click that last number ... then you can see under the FROZEN

14. Go to the shop again in Towner and buy some decorations

15. Click the screen again anywhere in Towner and wait while it loads

16. Check your coins in Towner

17. The amount of coins you have should be increasing, thanks to the cheat engine v5.5 in Towner

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