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The creators of games such as Tiki Farm, Sorority Life and Wild Ones are at it again; Playdom's new game is called Tiki Resort. The goal of Tiki Resort is to run an island resort and try to make the most money you can from it. Each Tiki Resort can be upgraded in a variety of ways - you can buy new grills, new grass hutrs and other items that will make the stay for your visitors more enjoyable. So try to make the greatest island resort in the world! It shouldn't be too hard with the great tools that this application gives you!

Tiki Resort Tips

Use Your Tiki Resort Animals!

Baby animals were added into the Tiki Resort game through the in-game shop and also as free gifts that friends can send. Not only are the Tiki Resort animals super cute, but they also can give you Tiki Resort shells.

During the day, the animals will need love and attention. So when they are feeling needy, your cursor will turn into a hand when you hover over them. Click the animals to make them happy - then as as reward you will get shells!

Get 6,000 Extra Tiki Resort Shells!

You would think it's hard to start off your Tiki Resort - but don't stress out! There are two ways to earn free shells for your resort. Each method will get you 3,000 extra Tiki Resort shells.

First, if you become a Playdom fan of the application, you will be gifted 3,000 extra coins by the developers themselves. By showing your loyalty to the application, you easily earn enough shells to buy some big items for your resort.

Second, you can submit your email to Tiki Resort and you will be gifted another extra 3,000 shells. Most applications on Facebook are asking for your email address, but Tiki Resort is one of the only ones that greatly reward you for coughing up a valid email address.

Now that you have 6,000 shells, you can make your Tiki Resort great right away!

Click The Mystery Chests and Mystery Trash

There is yet another way to earn extra coins in Tiki Resort! Playdoms added new Mystery Treasure Chests and Mystery Trash in an effort to make things exciting at your resort! When you loot these chests and collect the trash, you have a random opportunity to ear up to 1,000 shells! On top of that, the Mystery Chests can grant up to 5 of the game's new  Tourist Charms.

Tiki Resort Cheats

Cheats for Tiki Resort Using the Cheat Engine v5.6

Remember, when you use the Cheat Engine you do so at your own risk. It's possible that Facebook could ban your account for cheating at their games. You will need to make sure you have this version of the Cheat Engine, Firefox and then the most recent version of Flash. Good luck!

Using the Cheat Engine for Experience

1. Enter the Tiki Resort game

2. Open cheat engine (value type: 4bytes)

3. Scan your current experience points

4. Pick a rubbish or you can make a customer happy to earn experience points

5. Scan the new experience points. (Repeat step 3,4,5 until 1 or 2 address remain)

6. Double click both of addresses so it appears in the bottom Address List

7. Change the value to 99999 and click freeze.

8. Now as you gain experience in the game, you level up immediately.

Using the Cheat Engine for Leveling Up

1. After doing the Experience Cheat with the Cheat Engine, you can use this cheat to reach level 40 immediately

2. Scan your current Level

3. Click to level up to next level.

4. Now, scan the new level. (Repeat Steps 2,3,4 until 1 address remains)

5. Change the value to 40. 

Tiki Resort Information

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