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Bubble Island, by the German company Wooga - World of Gaming, puts a new spin on a classic arcade game. Wooga was previously behind Facebook's quiz game called Brain Buddies. The game is very similar to other bubble-popping games that are floating around the Internet, like Poppit! and Snood. When you go to play the game, you'll find rows of different-colored bubbles; they are placed at the top of the gameplay area and you must burst them by shooting bubbles at the clusters. The arcade game's goal is for you to line up similarly colored bubbles to make them disappear! If you make a group of 3 or more colored bubbles, they will pop! Pop the most to get a high score in Bubble Island! By playing the bubble bursting game at different difficulties, you can discover the exciting secrets of Bubble Island. There are several different islands in the game that you can discover and all it takes is to pop bubbles!

Bubble Island Tips

The Bubbles Stick to Each Other

In Bubble Island, when you are shooting at the row of bubbles in order to match similarly colored bubbles, remember that the bubbles you are shooting will only stick to other bubbles! So if you are good at banking shots, it should be easy to bounce the bubbles to exactly the right spot.

Invite Friends - It Will Help You on Bubble Island!

Although this game is mainly a revamped arcade-style game, there is also a social gaming element to it. It has the standard leaderboard feature and the ability to invite your friends to play, but it also has more creative social features. These extra features include things like unlockable achievements and a life-point system. Basically, if you "lose lives" if you don't complete a level. You can earn these lives back as your friends play the game. Although this is a great failsafe, it can be annoying if you don't have many friends that play this type of arcade game.

Each Level Will Make the Game Different

As the little raccoon backpacks through the different levels, each level will change the actual board that you will be playing on. So make sure to be ready to change your playing strategy as you advance through the levels. Some boards will be tall, some short, et cetera.  Frankly, even more dynamic and oddly shaped levels might be prudent in adding a little new flavor to such an old game concept.

Bubble Island Cheats

There are no listed cheats for Bubble Island at this time! Check back soon!

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