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Music Pets by Conduit Labs isn't your normal Facebook pet application. Although it seems similar to games like Pet Society and Petville, it has one big difference - the main point of the game is to make your pets happier via music.

Conduit Labs is known for integrating good music into its products for a while now. The company was popular for its innovative social music site Loudcrowd; it's centered around letting its users listen to music by real artists.

In the game, you pick out and customize a little pet that you will lead through the world in Music Pets. Before you can start playing, though, you need to choose a certain selection of music that you would like to hear during gameplay. In order to make the little critter you need to let it listen to music from the real bands that you selected.

Music Pets Tips

Try to Collect Items and Music!

The main purpose of the game is to listen to great music with your pet (and to share that music with your friends) but you should also try to collect the items in the game. And even more importantly, you should try to collect music within the game.

Music Pets will display music achievements as well as the music collections you have made; these music collections will be made of the different albums you have listened to.

Be Careful of What Songs You Hate

In Music Pets, when a new song pops up, you are able to preview it and select if you love it or hate it. But, if a certain track has been "Hated" it will go into a new collection.

Songs Are Only Played Once a Day

Even if you really do like a song that you played for your pet, you can only use it once a day. It's not the developer's fault, though. Conduit Labs is using licensed music in its game - so if you really love Music Pets you'll just have to be patient!  

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