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Happy Pets, one of the newest games by CrowdStar, takes pet-themed applications to a new level. Instead of the typical pet game where you choose an avatar, customize it, and then lead it through a virtual life Happy Pets gives you a more realistic experience.

You can choose from a variety of pet store animals to adopt. Dogs, cats, turtles, hamsters, pigs, and other cute pets can be brought into your home. Even though you might expect Happy Pets to be similar to Pet Society or even Petville, it isn't.

The main goal is to adopt as many pets as you can and to take care of them. You can adopt more than one pet and buy as many items as you like for it. Another point of difference from other pet games on Facebook is that the house is the only place you and your pets can go; although you can expand to having multiple rooms there is no neighborhood for you to explore with your Happy Pet.

Happy Pets Tips

Make Sure to Give Your Pet Attention

Make sure to remember to give your pet affection by petting them or playing with them. It is important for their happiness - but it may not be apparent how you are supposed to play with your Happy Pet, at first. If you want to pet your Happy Pet, click on the hand icon and then click on your pet; click and hold over the pet while your move the cursor back and forth. By petting your adopted animal, you will make them happier and earn coins as you do it.

Try to Get Your Friends to Play Happy Pets

With Happy Pets, like any other social game on Facebook, it's important to get your friends to play. The more friends you have that play Happy Pets, the more experience points and coins you can earn. If you want to add new friends in Happy Pets, click on the "Invite Friends" button at the top of the gameplay area and select the Facebook friends you want to invite.

Don't Forget to Send and Receive Gifts

To send free gifts to your Happy Pets friends, click on the "Free Gifts" tab at the top of the page. Sending gifts to your Facebook friends will encourage them to send you things back; you could sell these items or even add them to your home to make your pet happier.

Visit Your Friends' Pets

You can earn more experience points and coins by visiting the pets of your friends and doing chores while you are there. The different things you can do to help them include clicking on their piggy bank, petting their pet, and cleaning their litter box.

Happy Pets Cheats

Happy Pets Cheat Engine Coin Cheat | Money Hack

The things you will need for this hack are: the Cheat Engine v5.5 or later, Mozilla Firefox browser and then Flash player 9 or 10.  Just use caution with any cheat, because your Facebook account could get banned.

What do you need to do is this:

1) Open Happy Pets

2) Select Firefox in Cheat Engine

3) Change value type to "Double"

4) Scan current amount of coins.

5) Spend some or earn some and NEXT SCAN new amount of coins.

6) 1 address returned else repeat step 5.

7) Change the value of this address to any amount you want.

Cheat Engine Experience Cheat

For this cheat you'll need the Cheat Engine v5.5 or later, Mozilla Firefox and Flash player 9 or 10.  This cheat is not guaranteed to work and cheating at a Facebook application could get your account banned. If you'd like to try, here are the steps you need to take:

1) Do something in Happy Pets that gains exp.

2) Select browser in cheat engine

3) Set 8bytes, hex, also scan read only mem

4) Scan "54438b744389c103" Only 1 address returned. Disassemble it.

5) Right click the line "add eax,ecx" and select "change register at this location"

6) Tick ECX and insert "186A0" as the value. You will now gain 100,000 exp points instead of 3

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