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Happy Island

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Happy Island is yet another flash-based game created by CrowdStar. The goal of Happy Island is to create a fun, tropical island that tourists will want to stay at. By keeping the beaches clean, having a nice hotel and making the island overall in the best condition it can be, you can earn money to upgrade its features and expand! By using strategy, you can make the most of your Happy Island attractions, items and decorations and make your island the most popular one to visit on Facebook!

Happy Island Tips

How to Earn Happy Island Coins

There are a variety of ways to earn coins in Happy Island, but here are the most efficient and beneficial ways to earn both experience and money in-game:

Don't Forget to Visit Your Happy Island Neighbors

If you keep up with visiting your Happy Island neighbors, you will be sure to make more coins than you would be otherwise. So visit your neighbor's islands and click the trash that is scattered about in their water. By clicking both trash and treasure chests, you can earn extra coins.

Check Your Happy Island Buildings for Coins

When the buildings in Happy Island become more than two-thirds full, you can click them to collect coins from their respective coin bags.

Keep Your Happy Island Clean

Don't ignore any trash that builds up on your island. Make sure to keep it clean and keep visitors happy! By clicking on the trash on your own Happy Island, you will earn both experience and coins!

Sell the Happy Island Decorations

Make sure to run an efficient Happy Island! If you have a bunch of extra decorations on your island, yet you're not doing much with them or seeing any real benefit from them, go ahead and sell. Don't be afraid to scavenge your own items in order to make some coins! It's better to have some coins available than an over decorated island!

Happy Island Cheats

Using the Cheat Engine on Happy Island | Unlimited Happy Island Gold

The Cheat Engine can be used for a variety of games and CrowdStar games are not the exception.  When you use this to hack Happy Island, make sure you know that you are doing it at your own risk! Good luck!

1.) Download Cheat Engine v5.5 or later - basically, when you download Cheat Engine you are downloading open source software that allows you to hack Adobe Flash games, like Happy Island. Do this at your own risk!

2.) Open Happy Island to play it

3.) How to Get Unlimited Gold Cheat for Happy Island

4. Hover over one of the buildings in your game and you will see a number value

5.) Copy that number. Now open up cheat engine and scan that value.

6.) Wait for customers to spend money at that building.

7.) Hover over the building, copy the number value and then scan the new value. (Repeat the last 2 steps until only one address remains.)

8.) Change xx to 99999

9.) Now, move the building. The counter should say 99999/500.

10.) If you click the moneybag, your coin value should increase. If you do this repeatedly, you should get unlimited gold. 

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