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Island Paradise

Island Paradise Information

Island Paradise, by Meteor Games, is a new farming Facebook application. But it is different from other farming games, like Farmville. Your Island Paradise farm is on an island! It is a beautiful island where you can plant coconut trees, find buried treasure and raise chickens. Not only that, but you can steal your neighbors crops up to three times a day. Surviving on an island is hard work! As you earn experience points you will level up, which allows you to plant more crops, buy different outfits and add more decorations to your Island Paradise!

Island Paradise Tips

Steal From Your Neighbors' Crops

In Island Paradise, you can steal harvests from your neighbors' islands up to three times a day! Don't forget to do this, because it is a great way to gather more crops than you could have otherwise and earn extra coins!

Check For Buried Treasure

Each day, you will have treasures wash up onto your island! Don't forget to click these to earn coins and experience. You can also travel to your friends' islands and click on the treasures there, too! Don't forget to do these daily rounds or else you will be missing out on a lot of Island Paradise coins!

Island Paradise Cheats

Island Paradise Cheat Engine Cheat

In order for this Island Paradise cheat to work, you'll need to download the Cheat Engine v5.5 or later, Mozilla Firefox and make sure you have Adobe Flash player version 9 or later. Try this Island Paradise coin cheat at your own risk!

1.) Open up Island Paradise

2.) Harvest one of your plants (make sure the plant is ready to harvest before you start this cheat)

3.) Go into the Cheat Engine, select Firefox as process. Tick HEX, 8 bytes, ASROM

4.) Scan this value

5.) You should see TWO different addresses. Right click the TOP address.

6.) Disassemble it and 3 lines down, you will see "jmp XXXXXX"

7.) Right click this "jmp XXXXXXX" and select 'Replace with code that does nothing'

8.) Click OK.

Now harvest another plant. If done correctly, you should see the coins and exp increasing.

When it has stopped increasing, wait for at least 10 secs to allow the auto save. Then reload your game. You should see the new $ and exp.

Repeat steps again if you want more exp+coins. Just click File > New whenever you encounter an error with "Replace with code that does nothing"Island Paradise Information

Island Paradise Information

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