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Sorority life is a flash-based social game made by Playdom that can be played on either Facebook or MySpace. The gameplay is similar to other RPGs like Mafia Wars or Mob Wars, but instead of a gangster your role is a sister in a college sorority house.  The premise is the same as most other MMORPGs online; you want to build up the strongest (and prettiest) character that you can. You can do this by winning lots of fights, making money in Sorority Life and get lots of glam. There are lots of quests for you to play through, there is money to earn and sweet gear to buy in Sorority Life. It might not be as "tough" as gangster or criminal related RPGs, but it still has a lot of depth to it. 

Sorority Life Tips

Try to Get as Many Sorority Sisters as You Can

In order to become a really high level in Sorority Life, you will need to have a lot of sorority sisters in your house. The main way to add sisters is to send invites to your friends on Facebook; although you can get a few sisters that way, most likely you won't be able to fill up your house list by Facebook alone. There are 500 spots for sorority sisters in Sorority Life.

Socialize to Level Up

One of the best ways to level up in Sorority Life is to make sure you socialize. If you want to level up quickly, especially at the lower levels, try doing the "costume party" event over and over. Once you're used to the event, you should be able to get the 10 items every time. This will earn you both glam and cash. Not only that, but from that simple social event you will gain 5 influence points for just 2 energy points.

Choose Energy When You Level Up | Lower Levels

As you level up from extremely low levels, you should choose to increase the energy of your character instead of fighting skills or anything else. At higher levels you can choose to make those more powerful. At the moment it is important to have enough energy to do tons of events so you can get experience. You should be able to get to the Sorority Life Level 10 very quickly.

Choose to Stage a Musical Production | Higher Levels

Once you have leveled past the extremely low levels and you have a lot of sorority sisters in your Sorority Life house, the best event for leveling up even more is the Stage a Musical Production event. You will have to have at least 4 sisters in your house and three wigs in your inventory for the event. For 6 energy points you can get a whopping 30 influence points. This will really help you level up quickly.

Sorority Life Cheats

Costume Party Event Cheat

Before the Costume Party event starts, you can read over the ten-item list of what you need to find. Make sure you read and then memorize the list; once you play the games a few times, you will remember where all the different items are. That way, you can finish the event in record time. This will earn you some cool glam that can't be bought for money in Sorority Life.

Earn Brownie Points with Free Offers

As most social games do, Sorority Life has some free offers you can complete for points in the game. If you want to get as many brownie points as you want, take advantage of these offers.

Remember not to use your REAL or main email address with these offers, because you'll get a lot of spam from them. Use a disposable or secondary email address; is a great resource for this. Most of these offers will require other information, but fill them out as much as you can. Then you have free brownie points!

Sorority Life Bot | Let it Play Sorority Life for You

There is a Sorority Bot that you use in order to level up quickly. Basically, the bot can be set to play the game for you. It will fight, socialize and complete other activities for you in Sorority Life. If you're interested in using this, at your own risk, check out this video:

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