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Safari Kingdom lets you immerse yourself into the job of raising wildlife and releasing it into the wild. Digital Chocolate's game is animal-based game rather than anything farm or city related, which seem to make up most of the flash games on Facebook nowadays. When you first start the game, you are given a six by six grid of plain terrain on a savanna. Your goal is to hatch animal "eggs," feed the cute babies that eventually come out and then nurture them until they are ready to be released into the wild. 

The process of raising an animal is pretty easy to understand; you start out by building a little nest for your animal's egg on the grid. Then, you get to choose which type of wildlife you'd like to raise. There are a variety of eggs - meerkats, flamingoes, foxes, lions zebras, giraffes and more - to choose from. Once the nest is set up, the egg will hatch and then you will have to take care of the little animal for varying lengths of time. The caretaking process includes feeding the animal, petting it and then eventually letting it go.

Safari Kingdom Tips

Give Your Safari Kingdom Animals Love

As your wildlife in the game grow up, they will need a few different things in order to reach adulthood. The obvious one is being fed at intervals when they are hungry, but they also need to be pet. When a little broken heart appears over the baby animal's head, make sure to click on it so your avatar will show it some love. In Safari Kingdom, the animals will stop growing if you don't show them enough attention; so make sure to always check to see how happy they are!

Complete Safari Kingdom Quests

Although you can play Safari Kingdom normally by just buying the animals you want and then setting them free, it is important to pay attention to your quest log at the bottom of the screen. If you accept the simple quests (like gathering leaves, visiting a friend's safari, etc) and then complete them, you can earn extra money in the game. You're going to be doing most of these actions regardless, so it'd be better to complete the Safari Kingdom quest and get more money and experience for it.

Add Your Friends to Safari Kingdom

Safari Kingdom differs from others games when it comes to adding your Facebook friends; instead of getting requests to add more friends to the game, you will see random adventurers walking around your savanna. Each explorer will have one of your friends' names above his head. If you click on the question mark floating above him, you will request that friend to add the application to Facebook. It's important to visit your friends, so make sure to add as many as you can!

Visit Your Friends to Safari Kingdom to Earn Coins

One easy way to make coins in Safari Kingdom is by visiting your friends' savannas to help them take care of their pets. Keep their animals happy and you will be rewarded for your trouble!

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