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Lil Farm Life

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Playdom has released yet another take on the social farming game craze on Facebook called (Lil) Farm Life. It looks more like a cartoon, similar to FarmVille, but it has a lot of store options and gives an overall different feel than FarmVille.

The avatars themselves are much more customizable than in any farming game seen on Facebook. You aren't required to make your avatar wear farming bibs; you can change any aspect of their appearance that you'd like. (Lil) Farm Life's graphics are cuter than either of its predecessors and that may entice you to play it over FarmVille or Farm Town.

So the goal of this game is basically the same as any other farming game on Facebook: make as much money as you can on your farm, make your farm look really nice and enjoy the country living!

(Lil) Farm Life Tips

You Don't Need Neighbors to Expand

(Lil) Farm Life has a great leveling system that does not require you to have many neighbors in order to expand your farm. As soon as you reach level 5, you can buy more land for just 10,000 coins. In most games on Facebook, in order to level up and expand your farm, you need to have a large number of neighbors. This usually results in you spamming your Facebook list, trying to get your friends to play the game. While this is good for the company, it's frustrating for the gamer. So compared to other farming games on Facebook, (Lil) Farm Life is the least frustrating when it comes to leveling up.

Be Patient for (Lil) Farm Life!

(Lil) Farm Life may take a while to load - it's not necessarily your computer's fault. It's slower than some other farming games on Facebook. Not only does it load slowly, but it takes longer to harvest or plow each plot.

Give Your Friends Gifts to Get Gifts

Some of the items in (Lil) Farm Life can ONLY be gifted - they cannot be purchased in the store. Therefore, it's important to make sure you send your friend's gifts. If you do so, you will get sent gifts in return and you may get the tree or decoration you really want in (Lil) Farm Life, but weren't able to buy.

Complete Offers for Free (Lil) Farm Life Coins

Never forget to click the Earn Coins tab in (Lil) Farm Life. There are many free offers that you can complete in return for free coins after validation! Of course, you might not want to use your real contact information on these forms but you can always fill out the surveys with truthful answers.


Remember to Complete (Lil) Farm Life Quests

Don't get distracted by just farming crops in (Lil) Farm Life. Make sure you remember to complete the quests in the game in order to earn extra coins. A lot of the quests can pay out about 100 coins plus experience points. Leveling up quickly is easy if you complete the quests!

Help Your Friends on Their Farms

Every now and then, you will receive a message that one of your friends needs help in (Lil) Farm Life. Don't just ignore this message! If you end up helping your friend, you will be given 15 coins plus experience points.

(Lil) Farm Life Cheats

Send Multiple Gifts to Your (Lil) Farm Life Friends

(Lil) Farm Life doesn't let you send more than 1 gift to your neighbor at a time. If you want to really help a friend out (or send gifts to yourself through a secondary account), then just follow these steps! You will be sending multiple gifts in (Lil) Farm Life in no time!

1. Login to Facebook and open up (Lil) Farm Life.

2. When the (Lil) Farm Life opens - locate the Gifts tab.

3. Right click on this tab and select Open Link in New Tab. Repeat this step 6 or 7 times so you will have multiple tabs open to the Gifts page.

4. Go to each tab and select the gift you will want to send. MAKE SURE that you do not press the Proceed to Send button yet!

5. After all of the selections are done, go back to your very first tab and click Proceed to Send - do this for each tab.

6. Now, go to each tab and select which friends you want to send the gifts to. Do not click the Send (Lil) Farm Life Request button yet.

7. Once you have selected which friends you want to send each gift to in each tab, go back to your very first tab and click the Send (Lil) Farm Life Request button. Repeat this step for each tab.

8. Go back to your first tab. The (Lil) Farm Life request that you created should be showing. Click the Send button. Repeat this step for each tab.

Now you should have sent multiple gifts to multiple people in (Lil) Farm Town! You can use this cheat to send tons of gifts which would ordinarily be limited in the game! Enjoy!

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