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After Zynga's wild success with the Facebook social game, FarmVille, the company decided to take on another venture - Cafe World. Instead of growing crops and farming until you're successful, in Cafe World you cook, bake, simmer and sautee; to success! The more food you prepare for people to dine in your cafe, the more experience points and coins you will earn!

A week after the game's initial launch, it had over 10 million users. The Cafe World buzz is growing day after day. Day to day real time gameplay is focused on purchasing ingredients, cooking the meals the best way, and having enough capacity in your kitchen and restaurant. Just like FarmVille, Cafe World takes a real life situation and makes it fun and interesting to play with your friends!

Cafe World Cheats

Cheat Engine

The type of Cafe World hack that is the most popular involves the Cheat Engine 5.5. Basically, the Cheat Engine is a downloadable program that allows you to alter the data within the game (speed up time, give the player more coins, et cetera.) A good video on how to use the Cheat Engine 5.5 is located here:

Speed hack

By using the Cheat Engine 5.5, you can speed up the time in Cafe World. With this cheat you will be able to level up faster by accomplishing tasks more quickly.

Infinite Stoves Hack

In order to make this cheat work, you need to use the Cheat Engine 5.5. The first thing you should do is to go log onto Cafe World. Make sure you choose Mozilla Firefox as process for CE5.5. Then, you need to select Customize Functional Stoves. You should be able to see a line that says 4 of 4 stoves used. You will want to change the number 4 to the value of stoves you actually have. Then you should scan the 4 or whatever number is in place of it. Next, drag one stove from the cafe into your shop area. After doing this, you should see the line 3 of 4 stoves used. Next, you should scan 3

Repeat the steps that are bolded until there are 1-3 addresses left. Now you should change the value of all the remaining addresses to 1 and TICK freeze. Ta-da! Now it is possible for you to have infinite stoves. Make sure to save your game! This may seem confusing to you if you're not familiar with the Cheat Engine but once you download the engine and start using it, you will level up quickly in Cafe World!

Cafe World Food Hack

You will need the Cheat Engine 5.5 for this cheat as well! Boot up your copy of the Cheat Engine. Now, what you will want to do is get the address for quantity of food. Next, you should click freeze. Whatever value you put in next for the scan value will be the amount of food you will have.

Cafe World Tips

Fast Serving Tip

If you want to complete orders and serve faster, you will have to block in your character, similar to how players do in the other Zynga game, FarmVille. What you need to do is to move all of the stoves and counters to the 2nd row from the left wall. You waiter will appear behind the counters and stoves and will stay trapped there. Therefore, the dishes will be automatically served without having to wait for the waiter to pick them up and serve them.

Refreshing the Data in a Glitched Cafe World Game

If one of your items freezing or not acting the way that it should, there is a way to refresh the game data and fix it. The most common buggy item in the game is a stove that loses its dishes before they can be served. This is the strategy you need to use in order to refresh your game.

1. You will want to move all of your stoves into your inventory. Do this by dragging and dropping them into your furnishing window. 2. Close the editor. 3. Now, move all of your stoves back into the cafe. If this isn't working correctly (you can't move your stoves back) then restart the entire application and then try to move your stoves.

Closing Cafe World Trick

If you want to close your cafe while the bigger portions are cooking, remove the door or place a chair up against the door. This will save your rating while it cooks!

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