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Ninja Saga is a cool ninja RPG Flash game for Facebook that is concentrated on letting players transform themselves into ninja masters. You have free reign to create a ninja online and be immersed completely in the world of Ninja Saga. You can create and customize your own ninja, train it, and have it complete quests. Visually, the game is stunning. You will be able to see over 100 animated jutsu, missions, eapons, and pets that your ninja will interact with. As with most other paid for MMORPGs, you can challenge your friends to PvP (person versus person) battles. Find out who is the best ninja on the net!

Ninja Saga Tips

How to Challenge Your Ninja Saga Friends

If you want to challenge your friends into a PvP battle, even if they are offline, just go to Arena or Battle. Then you need to select Challenge Friends. From here, you can either select friends that are already playing Ninja Saga, or you can invite any other Facebook friend. So choose which friend you'd like to fight in Ninja Saga and have fun! If you win the PvP fight, you will gain XP and gold!

Engaging in Ninja Saga Missions

If you want to complete a Ninja Saga mission go into Kage's Room or you can select Battle. Select which mission you'd like to complete and then click the button "Accept." When you complete a Ninja Sage mission, you will earn both XP and gold. As you level up, more missions will become available. Completing missions is an important part of leveling up quickly in Ninja Saga.

Converting Saga Tokens into Gold | Saga Token Exchange

If you want to convert your Saga Tokens into gold, just go to your Ninja Saga Headquarters. Click the link on the left hand side menu that says Token > Gold. Then you'll be brought to a page where you can choose the amount of tokens you want to turn into gold. The exchange rate of tokens to gold is 1 Saga Token = 20 gold.

Earning Gold in Ninja Saga

When you first create your account, you will only have 100 gold. Once you complete the tutorial, you will be given another 250 gold. But you need to do more in order to make a lot of Gold in Ninja Saga. Make sure you complete missions, win battles and participate in every part of Ninja Saga to make a lot of gold!

How to Get Ninja Saga Tokens

When you create your account, you will be awarded with 100 Ninja Saga Tokens. However, if you'd like some more Tokens you need to purchase them. They can later be converted in gold if you'd prefer that to be your currency. You can buy 100 Tokens for $9.99.

Also, another way to earn tokens is if you upgrade your account. When you do so, you will get extra 2000 Tokens.

Learn Skills From Your Ninja Saga Friends

From the ranking list you can choose one of your friends that you want to learn skills from in Ninja Saga. In order to gain these skills, you need to go through a learning process. This process has 8 different sessions. You are able to complete one session every four hours. So it may take some time to learn the ninja skills from your friends, but it is worth it so you can be stronger in battle.

Ninja Saga Cheats

Try these cheats at your own risk! As with any other game cheat, there is no guarantee that this will work! Also, if you are caught cheating your Facebook account could get banned.

Get Free Ninja Saga Skills

First, you need to buy some skills in the academy. You will see, in the right hand corner of the screen, an indicator that the game is saving. If you do see it, then leave the page while it is still saving (so it's not completely saved yet). Go back to the Ninja Saga main page and you will notice that your gold hasn't changed - but! - the skill should be added to your skill page. This is an in-game bug that you can exploit if you time everything correctly. If you try it every time you buy a skill, some of the ones you get may be free!



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