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If you are familiar with the game Worms 2 for the PC, then you'll be in for a treat with Wild Ones. Wild Ones, a title by Playdom, is basically an updated version of Worms 2 that is a social game. Players can customize their wild little animals that they are going to use to battle against their friends in a very violent, very fun fashion. You move your animal avatar around a 2D level of destroyable cliffs, tiers and tunnels. Your goal? To use grenades, bazookas and anything else that will generally blow your enemy up! You want to be the last animal standing out of a possible four players.

You can choose to play in a practice mode, against computer bots or against real opponents online. In each match, aside from fighting against your opponents, you need to be wary of your surroundings as well. The game will drop random health kits and weapon caches, not to mention the surrounding water level will rise during the level. Either you blow up your enemy or you will be swallowed up in the water.

The gameplay and the features are all very similar to the original "Worms" games, but it isn't a rip off. Wild Ones is just a great, cartoony tribute to a great game type.

Aside from the fun and engaging battle gameplay, the best part about Wild Ones is the ability to create entertaining and very unique avatars. You can change the colors and even the animal type of your avatar. So let loose and have fun,

Wild Ones Tips

How to Earn Experience and Coins Quickly

If you would like to gain experience and coins quickly, you should enter fight mode as often as you can to earn. Although games can sometimes take a while to complete, it's worth the reward to fight as often as possible. To speed up the gameplay, make sure you play with the maximum amount of people.  

How to Swim When the Water Rises

When the water finally rises high enough to reach your avatar, press the space bar rapidly to swim. If you are underwater, make sure not to shoot any teleporters; swim to the surface and then let the shoot the teleporter. It won't go very far in the water!

Wild Ones Cheats

How to Level Up Fast in Wild Ones

Use this Wild Ones hack if you want to level up really fast. Open three different tabs in your browser; it's going to get pretty hectic, so don't worry about winning or losing. You will get experience points and money for each game so even if you are dying quickly, you will be gaining 3x (or more, depending on how many games you have going on at the same time) the experience and money that you would normally.

Private Game Glitch | Wild Ones Cheat

Open up Wild Ones and choose to go into a private game with only one other person. Both people should click ready. When the game is about to start, the player on the bottom of the list should click not ready. If this is done right, with the right timing, the player "on top" should win and then you are given the coins and experience. 

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