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CrowdStar has a new take on city-building apps; with Zoo Paradise the company introduced a zoo themed "builder" app that many will love. If you are familiar with games like Rollercoaster Tycoon, you shouldn't be surprised by Zoo Paradise's gameplay. You construct a zoo with different enclosures, animals and concessions.  The goal is to keep your visitor's happy, your animals well-fed and your zoo always clean and constantly improving.

It is a more creative take on RockYou's Zoo World, which is less graphically appealing and not as interactive. In Zoo Paradise, you feed all of the individual animals, you can click on trash and coins around the park and also you can choose to place your items anywhere in the zoo area. With each action you can complete, there is an animation. Overall, Zoo Paradise is a very attractive and interactive flash-based game.

Zoo Paradise Tips

Buy Lots of Decorations

Although Zoo Paradise might limit you in the amount of coins you can earn per day and the number of animals/concessions you can have, it is limitless in regards to decorations. Most of the decorations listed in the Zoo Paradise shop are extremely inexpensive, not to mention are cute additions you can put in your zoo. If you feel like you aren't able to buy anything, make sure you check out the decorations. There should be plenty of items you can purchase cheaply.

How to Get Facebook Credits

Instead of using its own in-game special currency, Zoo Paradise uses Facebook Credits. That means, if an item (like the Polar bear or Savannah exhibit) has only Facebook Credits underneath, that means they are items you need to pay for. It may seem confusing at first, the Facebook Credit icons in the game, but all that means is that you need to purchase them.

Visit Your Friends' Zoos

As with any other social games, it's very important to interact with your friends. When you visit your friends' zoos, you can earn money by keeping them clean and collecting coins. It's limited to your friends that have the application, so make sure to send friend invites if you want to be able to visit other zoos in Zoo Paradise.

Zoo Paradise Cheats

Cheat Engine Zoo Paradise


As with any other Cheat Engine cheat, make sure you do this at your own risk. Your Facebook account could be banned if it is found out that you are cheating at the game.


First, you need to make sure that you have the latest version of the Cheat Engine, the Zoo Paradise app installed, Mozilla Firefox and the latest version of Flash player.

Then, you'll want to open your Firefox browser and go to your Facebook account. Thenm open the Zoo Paradise application. Go to your zoo and first, feed some animals. Next, sell any kind of animal.

Open the Cheat Engine and click Process. Select your browser (Firefox.exe). Check the code that will appear in the box... then you will want to click First Scan. On the left side, a number will appear. Click disassemble memory region and make it Toggle Breakpoint. Click ok. Then a box named Processes should show up.

Go to your zoo in Zoo Paradise and buy a decoration that will attract more visitors. Then, hit Freeze, wait, and then pres ALT TAB to go to the Cheat Engine. Then Click ECX then change any amount you want. For example: 9808809. Then, click Debug. After that, it should run and your numbers in Zoo Paradise should increase. 

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