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Electronic Arts, formerly Playfish, has finally released its Hotel Management game, Hotel City. Although it's very similar to other "tycoon" games like Tiki Resort, Social City, Towner and Restaurant City, it puts a nice twist to the genre. You get to build and maintain your own hotel and try to make the most money you can off of it. Hotel City's game play is very similar to Playfish's own Restaurant City. You will fill up your hotel by placing hotel rooms and other amenities into position.  How many items you have in your hotel, how clean you keep it, how nicely decorated it is, et cetera play into how many guests come in and how much money and experience you will earn.

Not only can you decorate each room as you like, but you can also hire your friends to manage the front desk or run the maid service. Playfish adds a new dimension to interacting with your friends in a social game with Hotel City.

Hotel City Tips

How to Play Hotel City

Although most games are pretty self-explanatory, Hotel City takes a unique outlook on managing a business (whether it is a restaurant, hotel, et cetera). Here are some tips on how to play the game and get as many hotel points and coins as you can.

The three different tool options that Hotel City provides are Redecorate, Build, and Staff. You will have to make sure you balance all three of these if you want to earn the maximum amount of coins and Hotel Points. When you earn coins, you can potentially spend them on your Hotel City rooms and decorations. Hotel Points are experience; the more Hotel Points you have the higher level you are. As with most other games, as you level up you begin to unlock new items.

How to Redecorate in Hotel City

Using the Redecorate tool in Hotel City is very important. Decorating your hotel in Hotel City is not just about looks. It factors into how well you do in the game overall. So the more chairs, tables, lights, artwork, and other decorations you have in a room, the higher the room's rating is. Highly rated rooms will bring in more guests, which results in more coins and Hotel Points.

How to Build Rooms in Hotel City

You can completely alter the layout of the hotel rooms in your building in Hotel City, or even add new ones. Moving rooms using the Build tool is very easy. All you have to do is click, drag, and drop the rooms into the position you want them in. Hotel construction isn't limited to changing the layout of the rooms or adding more rooms. You can buy and build amenities such as gyms, restaurant and swimming pools.

Hiring Your Friends as Staff

The most unique part of hotel city is that you can hire your Facebook friends as the staff that works in your hotel. Hotel City provides you with your first three staff members; but after that, you will have to convince your Facebook friends to work for you. This is a great reason to make sure you have a lot of friends that play Hotel City.

Hotel City Cheats

Hotel City Gifts Generator Cheat | Hotel City Cheat

If you want to try this gift generator cheat for Hotel City, you are doing so at your own risk! First, you will need to download the Nofil2000 RC gifts generator ( and also make sure you have Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer installed.

Use caution with this cheat – it’s possible that your Facebook account could get banned if you are caught cheating!


1. Download Nofil2000 gifts generator. Then, extract the folder to your desktop.

2. Open Fiddler (make sure that File/Capture Traffic is ticked. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, you will need to Force traffic to Fiddler)

3. Log into Facebook.

4. Open the nofil2000.html in the extracted folder in your browser.

5. Visit this URL: ‘’ You will see an error page.

6. Check your Fiddler now.

7. You will see this line ‘crossdomain.xml’ Right click it and select Copy /just URL

8. Go to the Auto responder tab, and click ADD

9. The crossdomain line will appear. Ensure only that line is ticked.

10. Click on the dropdown arrow beside the Save button

11. Select ‘Find a file

12. Browse to the nofil2000 folder and open the crossdomain.xml inside the folder.

13. Click Save. (watch video if you do not understand these steps)

14. Click clear cache in Fiddler.

15. Now look at the nofil2000.html tab.

16. Click Get ID and wait for your Facebook ID to appear.

17. Click Get Token and wait for the Token to appear.

18. A token code will be generated. Copy and paste it in this group COLLABORATIVE GIFTS EXCHANGE to share with fellow cheaters so that everyone can gain more gifts.

19. Now copy all the token you can see on that page and paste it into the nofil2000.html

20. Only 1 token each line. To give you guys a start, I have compiled a short list of tokens below

21. Click GET GIFTS and watch as the gifts are loaded! (note youcan also convert the ID to any items you want.

22. Just insert the item

23. Once done, enter Hotel City and check out your inventory!

Gifts Tokens:

* aaijnJu4otC1ndm2aitDYmeLckTmvW5yE5u

* aaijnZu2otG3mduZaitDYkb.o.KwkcKCpfe

* aaikmtaXoteZotyWmWce3CFOy2DGlqGmv8Mq

* aaikmtqWmZC1mdu0mWce3CFHe1TVPFhCGi6P

* aaikmta1ody4mZGZnqce3CFCpXHpiEqOzwgs

* aaijodKWotaWmJaYaitDX9yoNKHHsyXvMQi

* aaijntG1mde2nJq0aitDX8vNPLKUw7rac6u

* aaipmtaWmdaWmtyXmtK3mte5aitDX4LYBA1jIIMwQby

* aaijodKWotaWmJaYaitDX9yoNKHHsyXvMQi

* aaijntG1mde2nJq0aitDX8vNPLKUw7rac6u


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