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Ameba Pigg, a popular Japanese social networking game, is finally coming to the U.S. version of Facebook. The game, by the internet company CyberAgent America, Inc., called Ameba Pico. Other virtual world games, like YoVille by Zynga, have the same goal as Ameba Pico. Each gamer creates a completely customizable avatar in which they use to interact with other Picos from around the world in a virtual city.

The customization is very advanced, even though the animations are strictly 2D and cartoonish. This isn’t a bad thing though, it’s a vast improvement over YoVille. You can customize the hair (both front and back), the face, the makeup, the outfits and the room for your Pico. All of the options are aesthetically pleasing and bright.

he world that your Pico will live in is divided into different areas that you can travel to. These areas are basically chat rooms that have limits on how many users can be in them. Each area has a different theme to it, but all of the themes are parts of New York City. Your Pico avatar can visit an area in downtown NYC, the island around the Statue of Liberty, different parts of Central Park, the New York Academy, and more.

What is nice about traveling around the Pico virtual world is that you can interact differently in each area. They are not simply visual changes to where your Pico is hanging out, but they also host different stores that you can shop at. The stores in each area have items that are specific to that area. This includes decorations for your room and also different clothes and accessories for your Pico. This alone gives players a chance to truly immerse themselves in the game as a Pico, since it feels like they are traveling around a REAL city.

The only part of Ameba Pico that may be confusing is the currency situation. The earnable in-game currency is called Gummies; the unique thing about Gummies is that it is not used for purchases. Purchases can only be done with the virtual currency that you can buy, called Ameba Coins. This may seem harsh, but to even out the balance between Gummies and Ameba Coins, there is a third currency. Token, this third currency, are used to buy anything within the game. When you go through the tutorial at the beginning of the game, you are given 5 Tokens. You can win more Tokens in the virtual game called Gacha. You can play the game for 300 Gummies and you will be awarded with a random prize. This seems to be a fairly convoluted way to earn extra cash in a social game, but it does keep things fresh.

The last, and best, part that stands out about Ameba Pico is the stand-alone site connected to the game. The game is global and the Facebook version is linked to the site itself using Facebook Connect. Because the game is using this site, you can come in contact with English, Japanese, and French players. This truly is a global game; you can talk and play with Picos from around the globe. Use our Ameba Pico tips to start your game today!

Ameba Pico Tips

Take the Ameba Pico Tutorial

Since the in game currency, Ameba Coins, can only be bought it’s important to stock up on the free currency called Tokens. Tokens are harder to get and can mainly only be won in a game called Gacha (which you pay for with Gummies). Although the concept is confusing, the point is that you want to earn as many Tokens as you can in Ameba Pico. That’s why when you start the game, make sure to take the tutorial. By completing it, you will earn 5 Tokens!

Use Pico Props in Ameba Pico!

By getting Pico Props from other Picos in the virtual world, you can earn Gummies and Tokens. That’s why, when you have the chance, you should give avatars that you like Pico Props. If you give them out, you will be more likely to be given them from the players you meet online!

Use the Stand Alone Ameba Pico Site

If you aren’t anywhere near your Facebook, you don’t have to ignore your Ameba Pico! You can use to check on your Pico. The stand alone Ameba Pico site allows you to check your avatar from anywhere. Make sure to use it!

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