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Bola is a social soccer game for Facebook created by Three Melons. As one of the rare sports-related games on Facebook, it is gaining in popularity every week. In Bola, you get to manage your very own soccer team! If you want to bring your soccer team to glory, you can manage it, make it play random matches and also challenge your friends' teams with it.

Bola is a graphically pretty game, with bright colors and engaging animations. There are over 1,000 unique characters that you can choose to put on your team. You can see both their 2D animations and their animations while playing a game of soccer. Each character is well drawn and fits into the bright colorscheme that the Bola world consists of.

Three Melons created a very advanced game for Facebook with Bola. It is reminiscent of console gaming when you are actually playing a soccer match on the field. You can see your players running around, scoring, passing, et cetera.

Although the best part of Bola is the immersion into the game because of the amazing graphics, the team management tools are great as well. You can move players around, adjust your team, and basically have control over your team's success. Bola is one of the best sports games on Facebook.

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