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From the company that has brought you the smash hit games like FarmVille and Mafia Wars, comes Treasure Isle! Treasure Isle is the new treasure hunting game by Zynga. It doesn't stray too far from the concept of FarmVille; you can still grow crops on your little island.

How is Treasure Island Different?

What IS different, though, is the goal of the game. You're not attempting to simply build a huge farm on the island; your goal is to point and click your way to buried treasures. In a way, the game is like the older, popular Facebok game called Treasure Madness. You will work your way through different islands in order to dig up all of the buried treasure!

Each island is broken down into a grid, like FarmVille. You can't see the grid, but you will notice that your objects and crops can only be laid out in blocks. In order to search each one of the grids in Treasure Isle, you will have to use energy. Whenever you do use your energy on one of the grid spaces, you will reap a reward! Now the reward can be many different things - gold, fruit, treasure and even items that you can send to your friends on Treasure Isle.

Digging also will earn you experience points, which will help you level up. Leveling up will unlock larger islands that you can explore and also items, crops and decorations that you can use for your own island.

Growing Crops on Treasure Isle

Now growing crops, digging for treasure and earning gold might seem confusing if you don't know what's going on; basically, you grow crops on Treasure Isle so that you can have more energy. You eat the crops so you can keep hunting. Growing crops is vital to your performance, but not the only part of it. You can also grow gem trees that can be harvested and used as PART of the way to unlock certain island.

Just remember - this isn't just about buying and selling crops!

Play With Your Friends on Treasure Isle

A big part of Treasure Isle is interacting with your friends. In order to complete treasure sets, you will have to exchange treasures with them. Zynga makes it very obvious that it is important that you get your friends playing the game - or else you won't be able to get all of the treasures that you need! Although this Treasure Isle feature may seem to limit gameplay, it really won't. There are still plenty of things you can do on Treasure Isle without having 20 different friends to send gifts to.

As you unlock new islands in Treasure Isle, there is simply more space to explore and that doesn't require your friends interactions.  You will find even more treasure on the bigger island; and you might have to save up to buy tools so you can find it!

Using Tools in Treasure Isle

As trees, rocks, flowers and other obstacles get in the way of finding buried treasure, you'll realize that you will have to buy tools in order to get the treasure You'll need things like shovels, dynamite, machetes, pick axes and more. Basically, if there is an object blocking your way on Treasure Isle, you'll probably need a tool to get through it!

Needing some strategy and skill to uncover all of the buried treasure on the islands certainly adds depth to the game. You need to make sure you remember to plant crops to give you energy, you will want to plan your moves so you don't expend energy too quickly, and you'll need to save up money to buy tools in order to uncover treasure!

Treasure Isle is a Big Game

On top of all of the aspects to the gameplay, there is one big part to the game that will keep you playing for weeks - and I mean big, literally. As the islands get bigger in Treasure Isle, there is more space for you to explore. It could take days for you to discover an entire island once you get up into the higher levels.

Not only are the islands bigger so it takes you longer to explore them, but you will need items in order to unlock islands or explore them. For example, you will have gates that you need gems to unlock. These gems you can get from trees on your own island or from friends.

So the game may last a long time for you to go through, but currently it's a finite game. This means that Zynga made it so there are only so many islands that you can travel to in Treasure Isle. Never fear, though! The company will probably crank out more islands to treasure hunt on once the game gets more popular!

Treasure Isle Tips

How to Earn Gold Quickly | Treasure Isle

If you want to earn gold quickly, then try to complete treasure sets. On each island that you will visit, there are various treasure sets that consist of five different treasure pieces that you can dig up. Once you complete the set, your profile is marked that you completed that particular set and you can earn hundreds, or thousands, of gold coins! So start looking!

Don't Visit Completed Islands in Treasure Isle

It will save you time and heartache if you know this; once you COMPLETELY uncover an island in Treasure Isle, you cannot revisit it. So if you are planting crops and decorating it, just know that it won't last forever if you move onto a different island.

Wish List Treasure | Send Treasure to Your Friends

In Treasure Isle, there is a prominent social aspect to playing the game. If you want to complete a treasure set but you have uncovered the whole island and haven't found anything... you need to get it from your friends! You can fill out Wish Lists in your Treasure menu in the game. So that way, when your friend finds a treasure you want but they don't need, they can send it to you! Just don't forget to check and see what your friends want so you can send them gifts in Treasure Isle, too!

Treasure Isle Cheats

Cheat Engine for Treasure Isle

Although there are no official Treasure Isle cheats listed yet, make sure to download the latest version of the Cheat Engine and try it on this game! You can use the cheat engine to get unlimited gold if you do it right!

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