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My Town, a city building simulator game by Broken Bulb Studios, let’s you create and customize your very own sim town! You can play alone on Facebook or interact with your Facebook friends and their towns. The goal of the game is to build a thriving, attractive city full of homes, businesses and city buildings. But buildings aren’t the only thing you’ll have in your city in My Town. You will also be able to decorate it with items like shrubs, statues, parking lots, fences and more.

You will use a mixture of in-game coins and Facebook cash to buy the different buildings and objects in My Town. But the good news is that in My Town, road construction is free! So if you want to make your city organized, it's a good idea to build a lot of roads to separate the different buildings from each other. The road types that you can choose from differ; there are turns, straight-aways and intersections with stop signs. There are other free decorations, like simple plants, but usually you pay for the items that you want to decorate your town with.

One way that you’ll tell that you are leveling up in My Town is that you will start to see more, better buildings available for purchase. You can choose from houses in categories like: suburban, city, bungalow, condos, apartments, luxury apartments, and eco-friendly buildings. With each building you put up, you will earn both coins and experience. When collecting coins in My Town, however, you need to keep track of your time. My Town is similar to games like FarmVille in that collecting money is done on an appointment basis. If you wait too long, you’ll lose your opportunity to collect coins from certain buildings. So make sure you hover over your buildings so you can see when to collect!

The other buildings that you can add to My Town as you level up are businesses. You can eventually select from small offices, small shop, small business, restaurants, corporations, factories, medium business, shops, and office towers. As with residential buildings in My Town, the business buildings will earn you coins that you will have to remember to collect.

The last type of building that you can add in My Town is the city building. These are buildings like the town hall, gas station, supermarket, grade school, graveyard, airport, fire station, library, high school and zoo. Unfortunately, these are non-profit buildings. In other words, they don’t earn coins for you. However, you will get experience by building these so make sure to do it!

In the end, My Town is one of the great city simulators out there that has a unique look and is fun to play. If you like games like Social City or Towner, you’ll like My Town.

My Town Tips

How to Expand your Town in My Town

There are two ways of getting a town expansion in My Town. The first one is using your Face book friends; if your Facebook friends play My Town, then you can use them indirectly to expand your town. The more friends you have, the better, when it comes to expansions. So make sure to send invites!

The second way in which you can unlock expansion levels is with game cash. In order to get the cash in the game, you will need to exchange real money for it via PayPal or credit card.

How to Level up Quickly in My Town

Whenever you get a item and then you get a message congratulating you on buying it, do this: place your item in your town; but keep doing it over and over. You'll be gaining experience every time you place the item(s) in your town and you’ll level up really quickly! This may be a glitch that could be fixed, so try it at your own risk!

Buy and Sell Gas Stations to Level Up Quickly

If you tend to buy and sell certain items in My Town, you will collect experience quickly. A gas station is one of those buildings, that if you buy them and then sell them afterward, you can level up quickly with the experience but not really take much of a financial hit.

Earning Money Quickly in My Town

Earning money fast in My Town isn’t that difficult or confusing to manage. Basically, there is a simple base strategy to follow to make money quickly. Fill all of your land with Suburban Homes and start collecting from them. Then, switch them to Adobes. You’ll accumulate a noticeable amount of money in My Town this way.

Using Suburban Homes to Level Up Fast | My Town

Fill as much of your land as possible with Suburban Homes. Make sure to log in regularly, about every 4 hours, in order to collect the money you make from them. You will be gaining a lot of experience by playing this way. As soon as you can, switch to Adobes to collect from. Also, avoid buying decorations or building roads, because this just takes away from the area where you could be building residential buildings.

What the Different Colored Buildings Mean in My Town

The businesses and houses you will build in My Town will sometime be outlined with different colors, and they all have a different meaning. Green means that the building is ready to be collected from, red means that you can no longer collect as much money from that building and blue means that the building was not reset.

My Town Cheats

Sending Multiple Gifts to Your Neighbors in My Town

My Town limits the amount of times you can send gifts to your neighbors (or yourself on a different account) – but there is an easy way to get around this. Basically you’ll be opening copies of the game in different tabs of your browser so that My Town doesn’t realize you're sending multiple gifts:

1. Open My Town

2. Right click the Free Gifts tab at the top and select Open in New Tab.

3. Repeat this step quite a few times so you have a lot of tabs open.

4. Go through an select the gifts that you want to send, then go back through every single one of the tabs and click Send for whatever gift you selected.

5. Go to each tab and select the My Town Friends that you want to receive the gift. Don’t confirm or send yet!

6. Go to your first tab and click Send for the request – then do that same thing for all of the remaining tabs. The point of this cheat is to do the very same thing in each tab at the same exact step. You don’t want one tab to be ahead of the other ones or else you may screw up the cheat!

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