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FrontierVille is the new flash-based social game by the gaming empire, Zynga. Their new game takes a completely different approach to socially driven games; unlike Farmville, this game takes you on a journey across a wild, undiscovered territory.

Your characters stats are pretty simple; you need to accomplish certain tasks (which earn you both gold, experience and food) at the price of energy. Once your energy is depleted, you cannot complete any more actions. However, you are able to consume food through the market to gain your energy back. This core gameplay is most similar to Zynga's recent game, Treasure Isle.

However, the graphics of FrontierVille surpass those of any Zynga game to date. Although playing Treasure Isle takes a similar strategy, the look and feel is very different. FrontierVille is chock full of smooth animations. You can actually see your character cut down trees, plow the field, gather crops, and even clobber rattlesnakes off of your land! Relive the time you spent as a child playing Oregon Trail when you play Zynga's brand-new game, FrontierVille! Only this time, you get to see the Wild West and frontier towns in eye-popping 3D graphics.

FrontierVille Tips

Try to Get As Many FrontierVille Neighbors as You Can

Getting as many neighbors as possible is very important in FrontierVille. When you complete tasks, you use up energy. There is a loophole, however. You can go to your neighbor's frontier town and complete up to FIVE tasks without using any energy (but gaining experience and money). This is a great motivator to gain as many neighbors as you can; if you have a lot of them, then you'll be able to level up very quickly, whether you have enough energy or not. Basically: the more neighbors you have in FrontierVille, the more tasks you can do.

Send Gifts to Your Friends in FrontierVille

As it is with most other social games, it really pays off to interact with your friends/neighbors. So if you can, send as many gifts as you can in the game. Not only does it help out your frontier neighbors, it will encourage them to send things back to you, too!

Pay Attention to Your FrontierVille Status Icons

The icons on the left-hand side of your game screen aren't just for decoration! Usually they are prompts for you to complete quests, alerts for new items in the store, or game updates that you should probably check out.

The newer flash games include these colorful icons that will catch your attention; just don't ignore them. They can usually help you out and help you complete tasks more quickly in FrontierVille!

FrontierVille Cheats

Using the Cheat Engine with FrontierVille

As with most other flash-based games, you can assume that the cheat engine will work with FrontierVille... however since the game is absolutely brand new, you'll be hard pressed to find a lot of cheats listed for it. However, check back as soon as you can! Cheats will be posted ASAP.

FrontierVille Information

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