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CrowdStar finally jumped on the city building bandwagon! If you like their other games, like Happy Aquarium or Zoo Paradise, then you may want to check out Hello City. It has CrowdStar's trademark graphics; bright, cute, and colorful! The goal of Hello City is quite similar to other city simulator games, with a slight twist. Instead of focusing on keeping your population happy, in Hello City you want to focus on growing your shops and businesses. For each shop you'll need workers - and in order to get workers, you'll need housing. That is about the extent of the role that the actual people will play in your game.

One HUGE difference in gameplay is the scheduling; you can determine when your businesses open and for how long. So instead of planning your day around playing the game, you can tell the game when you want to play. This is drastically different from most Zynga games (and flash-based games in general on Facebook). These appointment-based games can make gameplay infuriating, if you're unable to get near a computer. So think like a business owner! Determine your hours, number of employees, and location!

Hello City Tips

Say HELLO to Your Citizens

Hello City isn't just the title of the game... it's also a part of the gameplay! Your citizens are very friendly, and if you choose to, you can make them have an affect on the overall happiness of your city. By clicking on one of your residents, you can make them say "hello." What this does is create a "ripple" of happiness to spread throughout the community, improving your in-game bonuses!

Be a Good Mayor! Check Your Status Bars

Playing Hello City isn't just about making your town look pretty... there are other status to keep track of. You need to keep on top of budgeting, city planning and even meeting all of your citizens; it can be a busy job! The overall status of your city is shown in a progress bar; make sure to keep your eye on that so you can judge how well you're doing!

Know What Tools to Use in Hello City

There are different types of tools you can use during gameplay in Hello City: the Build tool, the Storage tool and the Send tool. The Build tool allows you to make structures (like houses and businesses) and to do landscaping. The Storage tool is where you keep the gifts that your neighbors send you. The Send tool is what you use if you want to send a gift to your neighbor!

Make Money in Hello City by Collecting Coins

Each house and each store in Hello City is going to have it's own collection time; stay on top of your money collecting! When you click on a building that is ready to be collected from, you will earn both coins (that are added to the Hello City treasury) and experience points! If you miss a deadline on a coin collection, you'll see the money bag above that building with a red exclamation mark. Because you can miss deadlines - and miss the coins - you should always keep on top of your coin collections.

Earn Free Facebook Credits in Hello City

When you begin to play Hello City, you will get FIVE FREE FACEBOOK CREDITS. After you finish the tutorial and play the game for a few minutes, you'll get that notification. This is a great way to begin a high quality city, so don't miss out on these credits!

Hello City Cheats

How to Give Yourself Coins and Experience in Hello City

For this Hello City cheat, you will need to download Charles Web Debugging, a tool that you can use to hack CrowdStar flash games!

1. Click to play Hello City
2. Open Charles Web Debugging
3. When the collection time is up, click on one of the money bags that are hovering over your buildings
4. In Charles, look for the line 'http://city.crowdstar.com'
5. Expand it, then expand amfphp/
6. You will see the line "gateway.php(CollectAssetHarvestFlashDataApi.call,....)
7. Right click and select Repeat Advanced
8. Iterations 30,000 Concurrency 10 ... you can use any number that you want, but don't use something suspiciously high, or else your account might get banned!
9. Now just let the Session finish the iterations.
10. Once finished, reload the game and you will see your new EXP and COINS!

As with any other cheat, use at your own risk! Your account could get banned if you're caught!

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