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Although it might not be apparent from the name, FishVille is not at all like Zynga's viral social farming game, FarmVille. Yes, the gamers will be growing fish and ultimately selling them, this game is more about taking care of fish and being able to level up quickly and buy cool, exotic fish for the aquarium. In this social game, players will buy baby fish and raise them until they are adults and can be bred or sold. The fish must be kept fed, the aquarium needs cleaned and they are many other tasks that need to be done to keep the fish happy and healthy! Players earn experience (XP) and coins by taking care of this fish. With those coins, decorations for the tank can be purchased in the shop and also many different kinds of fish!

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There are certain things players need to know about FishVille in order to level up quickly!

Pick the Right Fish to Sell

FishVille fish have to be completely mature before they can be sold. Even though the fish that mature the quickest are tempting to buy so that you can get a quick return on your money, it is not the best way to make money fast in FishVille. Instead, pick a fish that takes longer to mature but will make you more money. One of the best fish to do just that with is the Scooter Blenny. Buy this fish for 88 Coins and once it matures (grows every 24 hours) you can sell it for 221 Coins. Not only that, but this fish gives you major XP!

Let Your Fish Fully Mature

If you sell your fish when they aren't fully mature, you won't get nearly as much money or experience from the transaction. It may take patience, but wait until your fish are all grown up before you sell them!

Take Time to Decorate Your Tank

Although selling decorations back will lose you money, just simply buying the decor for the tank will really rack up the XP! If you take the time to decorate your tank nicely, you will level up in FishVille faster.

Keep Buying Different Fish

You never know what may make you the most money, so don't be afraid to invest in expensive fish. You may find that the pretty, expensive fish will help you out more in the long run.

Help Your Neighbors

Just like in FarmVille, you can visit your neighbors' tanks and help them in order to gain XP. In FishVille, you will be cleaning your neighbors tanks in exchange for XP (and karma!).

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