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My Empire is a city building game by Playfish, but you wouldn't think that just by looking at the game itself! My Empire has a beautiful ancient Rome/Greece feel to it. That in and of itself makes it a little different than your normal city sim. If you're familiar with Age of Empires, it is reminiscent of the style, although it is not an RTS (real time strategy) game.

The goal of this city sim is like any other; build homes, business, leisure and decorations in order to make your city the prettiest and most profitable. You collect revenue from certain buildings, while others make your citizens happier. Playfish has included a "goal" feature that keeps you updated as you play; that way, you will always have something to do. The goal could be something like building a new monument, adding more homes, or taking advantage of upgrades.

Once you have gotten to a certain point in the game, you are tasked with building a Wonder. These Wonders are structures like the Sphinx, a Pyramid, and the Colosseum. In order to build one of these, you must have a lot of resources like wood, bronze, and tar. You can't get these unless you have resource-generating structures like sawmills and mines. Therefore, just by their nature, you won't be able to build a Wonder until you have leveled up some and developed your city. BUT there is a downside, too. Once of these resources you can ONLY receive from your friends. Although all social games enforce inviting your friends and playing with them, not all games use such an aggressive strategy.

One more notable feature in the game is hiring a tax collector; not only do you make money/resources from the buildings you construct, but you can also make money from the amount of people you have in your city. When you hire a tax collector, they collect coins from your current population. Therefore, you will always have some sort of income. This helps with leveling and although it may not be much at first, you could eventually earn a lot just from your people.

My Empire Tips

Be Careful When You Choose Tax Collectors

The tax collectors will gather coins from your current population and give you a source of income. However, be careful which ones you hire, they could do more harm than good! Any of the tax collectors with a collection cycle that is longer than 5 minutes both cost MORE to hire and earn money for you at an incredibly less efficient rate. So be careful not to cheat yourself out of money!

My Empire Cheats

Add Your Friends to My Empire Without Approval

As witih any other cheat for a Facebook game – use this at your own risk! If you get caught, your account could get banned. This cheat will help you in My Empire because it will greatly increase the amount of your friends playing (even if they really aren't playing). It will help you level up faster and build new and different buildings.

First, you will need to make sure you are using Mozilla FireFox and you have the Empire Adder (

1. Download the adder and unzip it
2. Open your web browser and in it, open two tabs
3. Load nofil2000.html in one and in the second load the Facebook home page and log in to your profile

4. Open the fiddler – auto responder and add this rule :
if URI respond with folder nofil2000MEAddercrossdomain.xml
crossdomain.xml can be found in the same zip file, change the path according to your path then clear your cache

5. Open nofil2000.html, click GET ID to get your Facebook id

6. Paste your friend id into the text box (one ID per line, no extra space)

7. Click the button “Arrest them and force them to be my neighbors”

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