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Nightclub City is one of the most unique games to play right now on Facebook; it’s not a clone of any other big game so playing it for the very first time is surprising. The goal of the game is to run a virtual nightclub; you want to attract as many customers as you can. You can do this by making your club more luxurious and unique – and the depth and customization is what really makes the game fun!

The club isn’t just about decorations, either. In the club, you have DJ music, a full bar, and decorations. The most interesting part of the club environment is the music; you pick a music mix that is set to play for fifteen minutes. Although you can’t control the specific songs being played, you do get to select that type of music it is (electronic, hip-hop or pop). In the set you’ll hear a mix of brief 30 to 45 second clips of various songs that are smashed together (in real club fashion).

As a brand new concept for Facebook social games, Nightclub City is great. It will keep your attention and will stand out form typical farm/aquarium/city games. Over time, more fashions, décor and music should become available, so keep your eyes peeled!

Nightclub City Tips

Attract a Celebrity to Your Club and Make Them a Regular!

In order to make your club more popular, you will need some celebrities in your club. One way to get a celebrity to the club is by booking them; it will increase your club’s popularity but it’s expensive. The most important use of your money is to add additional bars, more furniture, better drinks and to expand the club itself.

To attract more celebrities, put up a celebrity wall. The celebrity wall displays the picture of the celeb that stopped by; over time, they will sign or kiss the pictures. It takes about three visits from a celebrity to do this. After the third visit, they will become a regular. When a celebrity is in your club, people are happier and the tip rates are higher… so do what you can to keep these people coming!

Nightclub City Cheats

Using the Cheat Engine in Nightclub City for Coins and Supplies

Make sure you have Mozilla Firefox and the latest version of the cheat engine before you attempt this cheat!

1. First, you must pause the game (enter for example the redecorate mode).
2. Open cheat engine and select process: Firefox or the game window.
3. Settings: Exact Value, 4 bytes.
4. Search for your current money.
5. Buy/sell something in the game.
6. Type you new amount of money in cheat engine and press Next Scan.
7. You should now only have one result
8. Change the value to the amount of money you want

Once you get used to using the cheat engine, this should be pretty easy to do to get extra coins. Just beware! Like any cheat, this runs the risk of resulting in your account being banned! So be careful!

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