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Facebook doesn’t have a shortage of flash-based baking games; Café World and Restaurant City are the most popular, but there is always room for more. Baking Life is a new baking game by ZipZapPlay that doesn’t stray from the mold too much, but it does offer you a different experience compared to the Facebook baking games already out there.

In Baking Life, as a player you can choose your character’s gender and style and then open up a bakery all of your own. You spend time in the game serving up cakes and other pastries to custom, customizing sweets like cupcakes, and even hiring your own friends to work at your bakery.

The tools you’ll have at your discretion are Recipes, Appliances, Décor and Gifts. The Recipes tool lets you choose what you’d like to currently bake from a list of available recipes. The Appliances tool is what you use to buy the items in your bakery that you need to run the business – items such as ovens, display cases, cash registers, et cetera. The Décor tool is what you will use to decorate your business; you can greatly improve the money you make just by buying better tables, chairs, lamps, windows and other hardware. The last tool you have at your disposal is the Gifts tool. With Gifts you can send free items to your friends (or receive said items), which is a huge part of a positive game experience in Baking Life.

Baking Life Tips

Customize Your Look in Baking Life

Making Baking Life your own is a great way to enhance the gameplay. You can change your character’s gender, skin tone, facial features, hairstyle and color, wardrobe and shoes. Taking time to customize both your character and the theme of the restaurant will greatly improve the gameplay.

Take the Time to Make Personalized Cupcakes

Baking Life lets you get creative; and that is both a fun integral part of the game. You can choose a cupcake recipe from your Recipes and then personalize it any way you want! You can choose the cupcake liner, the type of cake, the frosting and topping. Some of the ingredients are free and some of them you must pay for. But once you have fully customized your cupcake, you can send it to a friend or choose to sell it yourself.

Baking Life Cheats

Cheat Baking Life with Charles Web Debugger

As with using any other cheat on Facebook, this is risky. Your account could get banned if you’re caught, so be careful. What you will need to cheat Bakery Life is the Mozilla FireFox browser and the Charles Web Debugger.

1. First, open the Charles Web Debugger
2. Enter Baking Life
3. Look in Charles for this line ''
4. Expand it and you will see 'current/'
5. Click 'current/' and select Breakpoints
6. Now reload Baking Life. The game should freeze and a breakpoint tab will appear in Charles
7. Press Execute about 5 times and you should see a 'Edit Response' tab
8. Click it then click on the AMF tab at the bottom.
9. You should see this screen. (If you do not, try pressing execute again or you may have missed it so repeat from step 1)
10. Expand the PublicUserData and change the experience to "10000000" (level 46)
11. Expand the Currency and change the soft to "888888" (do not exceed 1billion or gameERROR!)
12. Now go back to your Session tab and right click 'current/' again to select Breakpoints
13. Go back to your breakpoint tab and click execute. The game will now run.
14. Serve some cakes first then save the game. Your coins and exp will be saved. If unclear, watch the video.

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