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Jungle Life puts a new spin on the typical Facebook virtual pet game. Instead of raising aquarium fish or puppies, though, in Jungle Life you get to raise wild animals. In Jungle Life, your goal is to raise the jungle animals until it reaches maturity; after that point, you can “release it into the wild.”

Although you’ll lose the animal you release, it will earn you a cash reward. On the bright side, you are able to mate your wild animals while they are still in the enclosure. Unfortunately, since the animals continually age, if you wait too long to release them into the wild they will die and then your yard will be littered with their little tombstones.

Most of the other features in Jungle Life are normal by Facebook game standards. As you level up in the game, you’ll be able to unlock more types of jungle animals. Although you start out raising tapirs, crocodiles and meerkats, you can advance to adopting cooler animals like big cats and giraffes.

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Know How to Use the Jungle Life Tools

Although the mechanics of Jungle Life are pretty simple, it’s easy to neglect certain gameplay aspects if you don’t understand them! Luckily the layout of Jungle Life is easy to understand. First, there is the Store – this is where you can adopt a variety of animals, buy decorations, expand your jungle area, choose different coin spots and pick a background for your wild animals.

The Select tool is the pointer arrow that allows you to select items and animals. The Feed tool is what you use to feed the animals. The Mate tool is what you will want to use if you want to pair up animals of the same species in order to bring a baby to the jungle.

If you want to show appreciation to your animals, you will use the Pet tool. Once your wild animals get old enough, you’ll want to release them. Do this by using the Release to the Wild tool. When you use this tool, it’ll earn you jungle points and coins.

These are the basic aspects to gameplay in Jungle Life, but knowing how to use these tools should help you out!

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Earn Coins and Points in Jungle Life

In order to properly maintain jungles in Jungle Life, you’ll need plenty of coins. The more coins you have, the more animals you can adopt, the more decorations and additions you can buy and so on and so forth.

If you want to earn coins or points in jungle life, you need to make sure you:
1. Release your jungle animals into the wild
2. Visit and help your neighbors
3. Receive the event gifts you get notices for

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