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Most Facebook RPGs involve some kind of mafia, or vampire, or dungeon or dragon. Playdom, however, decided to take the RPG to a new level and introduce it to an entirely new demographic. Big City Life, Playdom’s RPG, appeals to the female user on Facebook. Aside from the obvious theme, there are some other things that set Big City Life apart from its competitors on Facebook. Playdom’s game has much better graphics, an eye-popping interface, and a writer that is actually entertaining. Most text-based RPGs offer missions and write ups that are uncreative and boring.

In Big City Life, like most RPGs, there only a few actions that will keep you occupied: leveling up, moving up in your career and unlocking more stuff to do. you will level up by gaining experience from the actions you complete in the game. You can progress in your career by gaining career points. Then finally you can unlock additional things to do in the game by building up friendship meters with other players and beefing up your own stats.

The missions that you can complete in the game for experience, money and items are more frivolous than killing a monster or mobster; you get to choose from activities like speed dating or drinking coffee with a friend. And in addition to individual missions, there are quests you can complete that will lead you around the city and let you meet members of the opposite sex.
So think Sex in the City… just as an RPG!

Big City Life Tips

How to Use the Work Tab in Big City Life

One of the integral parts of Big City Life is the ability to advance in your career; this will help you earn money, level up and will add an extra dynamic to the game. But in order to take full advantage of the game, you’ll have to know how to use your career properly. If you want to alter anything job related, just go to the Work tab.

Once you click on the Work tab, click Change, and then select Advance Your Career. Under this section you can find out what your career options are. Select one of the paths that they provide for you; you can choose between Creative, Medicine, or Science and Technology.

No matter what field you choose, you will start off as an intern. You’ll have to schedule tasks to complete in order to gain career points. For most of the tasks you complete, you will need to make sure that you have the right requirements (charm, smarts, and fitness).

Once your tasks are done, make sure to check the Work tab again to see if you earned any rewards. Once you complete enough tasks, you’ll be promoted from the internship into the next position.

Using VIP Access in Big City Life

Sometimes in the game, you’ll get in a situation when you’ll need extra cash or points. If that happens, then you should go to the VIP Access tab in Big City Life.

You can use Favor Points there; these points will get you more in-game cash, increase your number of friends, or get a refill on energy, health, or stamina. You can either purchase favor points using a credit/debit card, Paypal, Facebook credits, a Playdom Game Card or mobile credits.

But, you can also get Favor Points for free in Big City Life. To do so, just go through the offers that the game will list on the VIP Access page.

Big City Life Cheats

Currently there aren’t a lot of Big City Life cheats listed; Playdom is good at avoiding easy exploits in their games! But check back soon for new Big City Life cheats!

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