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Do you love nature? Do you want to save the rainforests? Well you should show it by playing Facebook’s new green game, Treetopia! In Treetopia, you play the part of a tree village's Tribal Chief. This means that it is your job to build houses so that you can increase the population, to build businesses and to keep villagers happy! The village is a beautiful, green place that you are sworn to protect – but it’s not all doom and gloom. The game’s graphics are upbeat and cute. They make you want to play!

Your day to day duties in this beautiful jungle are centered around: keeping the village safe from random threats; adding value to your village by adding houses or shops that make beads, wood, stone and gems; and completing quests by yourself or with a neighbor.

The hustle and bustle in Treetopia ensures that a gamer is never bored! If you are “waiting” around for something to do, more often than not a notice will pop up on screen. That notice will be reminding you to collect some resources, build more houses if you can, or complete quests!

If you want to earn as many experience points and resources as possible, then you should always complete the Treetopia quests. Each quest will have a requirement; this may be a level, a number of resources, or even a certain number of happy villagers.

Once you are ready, it isn’t hard to complete a quest. The quests are text-based and will have a number of steps that you will need to complete. The more complicated the quest that you are assigned is, the more clicks and steps it will take to finish. You can also lose resources during a quest if something goes wrong, but more often than not you’ll only earn experience, resources and money from completing a quest!

Treetopia Tips

Keep Up With Building Treetopia Homes

You will want to make sure to maintain your village and grow your tribe as much as possible as you play the game. To grow your tribe, you need to add more houses; by doing so, you will bring more villagers into your Treetopia village.

To build a house: Go to the Treetopia store and choose a style of house. The Fir hut can house 1 person and the Apple Farm can house 2 people.

Although you may want to add as many huts as you can, each level that you’re at will limit you to how many villagers you can attract. So keep leveling up! That way you can add a lot of people to your Treetopia tribe.

Build Workshops So That You Can Collect Resources

You might not think to do this right away, since maybe the game doesn’t tell you to, but you will want to build workshops/businesses to collect resources. Otherwise, you’ll have no way to collect them and you need resources to quest and build other buildings in the game.

There will be are 3 basic resources that you need to collect. These are: beads, wood and limestone. Most workshops will produce beads, but building 3-4 gum-tree fire pits are a good start. The Wood Works workshop produces wood and the Limestone Quarry gives you limestone. As you continue to play the game and level up, you’ll have even more Treetopia Workshops to choose from.

Be careful planning your quests and monitoring you resources, though! Each workshop is going to take some time to produce its resource. A chest will appear over the building once it is ready to be collected. Once the workshop has maximized it’s output, it will stop producing. So producing resources isn’t a one-click job! Make sure to keep up with it so you’ll have enough to complete quests and level up in Treetopia.

Treetopia Cheats

How to Collect an Endless Supply of Treetopia Resources

This cheat will gives you a huge advantage when it comes to leveling up in Treetopia! Most people will not think to do this during gameplay, but if you keep an eye on certain factors you’ll have a huge village!

Treetopia has one advantage over almost every other Facebook game out there; it will keep you busy for as long as you want to play! Collecting resources will keep you clicking. If you want to keep clicking and collect resources quickly, here are some things you need to do:

Keep your Villagers Happy and Productive

The happier and more productive your villagers are, the faster the workshops will produce resources. Not only will resources will seem to be available more quickly, but you will also be able to collect some free resources.

Build Gum Tree Fire Pits

Help Your Treetopia Neighbors

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