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Digital Chocolate is a Facebook developer that keeps churning out bright and fun Flash games like it’s going out of business! One of their newest additions, Millionaire, is a game that lets players play out one of their fantasies: being a millionaire!

In the game, the players get to plan what the city is going to look like, how the businesses are going to be placed, how the city will be decorated and what contracts you’re going to fulfill. The last part – fulfilling contracts – is one of the most important aspects of gameplay in Millionaire City. Although city planning shouldn’t be forgotten, it’s not the focus as it would be in other city simulation games.

But, as the title suggests, you are a millionaire. You have a development firm and your primary goal should be to build up this development firm up into a multi-billion dollar corporation.

So basically when you play Millionaire City, focus on this: rental properties. Once you finish the tutorial, you’ll be able to build almost any kind of house that you please. For each of these houses, you can rent it out to a tenant for a certain period of time. The shorter leases earn more money (but are riskier since you’ll have to find tenants more often) and the longer leases tend to be more convenient.

If you don’t remember to check Millionaire City often to collect the rent on time, your renters will abandon the property and this will cost you money. If you tire of the rental business, you can also earn money by building up your businesses as you level up. The businesses generate money every few minutes at a rate based on how many people live within a business’s region.

This is helpful, because it lets your rental properties and businesses have a symbiotic relationship; they help each other. So the more rental properties that you manage, the better your businesses will do! You can also boost rent and earn more from your rental properties in Millionaire City by decorating the area. The bonuses in the game are cumulative; so make sure to design your city to where there are lots of trees and decorations by your rental properties!

Now that you’re in the development firm owner state of mind – have fun in Millionaire City!

Millionaire City Tips

Making Millionaire City Organized for Maximum Profitability

Unless you plan your city layout properly in Millionaire City, you’re not going to maximize your earnings. If you want to increase your net worth quicker and have your city planning be beneficial long term, follow a few rules:

Before you build, organize your city’s theme by renaming your city. Your advisor gives you a mission to change its name from Chocolate Fields; however, you can only do this once so make sure to give it some thought before you do it!

Plan by Building Roads

Building roads is free, so you may be tempted to build them early on and by the bucketload. This may not be wise to do. In Millionaire City, it’s all about planning. So if you want to build roads, make sure they are in accordance to your future city planning.

Organize Millionaire City

Look at the available houses that you have and look at how much land you’ll need to build them. You can then look at your commercial buildings and do the same. Now, find a commercial building and put it in the center of the available area; when you build your houses, make sure to surround the commercial building. The more tenants you have near your businesses, the better the businesses will do.

Remember to Decorate – But do it Last

Decorating plays a key role in determining how high rent is, so don’t forget to do it. However, what is most important is fitting in as many houses and commercial buildings as you can. So leave a little bit of space for decorations, but make sure to do it last.

Using the Millionaire City Destroy Tool

The Destroy tool should be used only for decorations. But if you do need to use it on buildings, don’t use it on high valued buildings. If you need to make room and earn cash, only Destroy bungalows.

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Earn Money From Decorations

Decorations are items like trees, gardens and fountains that aren’t essential to the city, but will greatly improve your gameplay if you add them. You use them to not only make your city look good, but to also increase your overall value.

Each decorative item has a bonus percentage attached to it, the plot it requires, and the amount of area it will influence. Each item will also have a cost and a number of experience points you will get when you use it.

To maximize these items, you have to build them on a plot that will affect a high number of houses within its area of influence. Also, you could add a couple of items to surround a house or two. For example, you could add a cypress and an oak tree around a bungalow to increase its value by 12%.

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