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Flash game developer MetroGames is giving Facebook gamers another shot at being a world-class entrepreneur. This time, though, you’re not the owner of a café or restaurant; in Fashion World, you are the owner of a small fashion boutique. Fashion World takes a pretty typical game type for Facebook and gives it an interesting twist.

Fashion World’s gameplay revolves around managing your boutique in such a way that you attract lots of customers, keep them happy and sell tons of products to them! What will improve your performance in the game is decorating the shop so people will want to stop buy, leveling up and displaying highly desired creations, and even adjusting prices!

Fashion World gives most people their dream – their own business! So it’s up to you to run it well and become one of the most successful boutiques online!

Fashion World Tips

Seeing that Fashion World is a relatively new game for Facebook, there aren't any tips listed yet! But check back soon for some great Fashion World advice!

Fashion World Cheats

How to Cheat in Fashion World

First, you need to make sure you have the latest version of the Cheat Engine and you’re using Mozilla Firefox.

1. Open Firefox browser and go to your Facebook account. Open Fashion World.
2. In the game, click decorate and click my machine.
3. Go to “showdown” in Fashion World and make a sale for Fashion experience and Cash.
4. Open your cheat engine, then go back to Fashion World and check your money.
5. Copy the amount, then go to the cheat engine and select your browser (Firefox.exe) and click ok. Now copy your cash amount into the cheat engine.
6. Click First Scan… after that, go to your store and wait. You need to wait for the next collection.
7. Once your money changes, copy it and put it in the next VALUE bar in the cheat engine.
8. Click Next Scan in the cheat engine you can see the FROZEN tab.
9. Click the last address and underneath a small box appear just check and press ok.
10. Go back to the game and buy something for your character… you should see your money change after this!

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