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Happy Aquarium is the popular fish-tank game made by the company Crowd Star. It lets players fill up to four fish tanks with cute baby fish they can buy. As players level up they can find new and interesting items to decorate their tanks with. The top level players have baby squid, turtles, crabs, exotic fish and an array of coral in their spacious tanks. The players can sell their fish for in game coins or play mini-games with them. For each mini game a player completes with his or her fish, they get experience points and money. Not only that, but the fish will learn tricks. After they learn a trick, they will perform it if the glass of the aquarium is tapped.

Happy Aquarium Cheats

Hack Your Aquarium Time

This is a cheat that will enable you to speed up the time in your aquarium so that your fish will mature into adults almost instantly! What you need to do first is open your computer's Date and Time Settings. These can be found here: Start>Control Panel>Date and Time. once these settings are open, you will want to set the date to be three days in the future. After you confirm these setting and refresh your game, your fish will be all grown up (but may be hungry).

Use the Cheat Engine

As with most of the Facebook games, you can use the Cheat Engine to hack Happy Aquarium. It will let you speed up the time and make other changes to the gameplay that you wouldn't normally. The most recent version of the Cheat Engine available is version 5.5!

Here is one brief explanation on how to use the Cheat Engine:

Attatch the Cheat Engine to a process you are running Happy Aquarium in (that is, attach it to Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer). Then, in that program, earch for your experience in the 4 byte range. After you search, you should get no more than 2 addresses. It there happens to be more, you should keep searching.

Once you get the right results, change the address's values to what you want them to be, then freeze both of them. Now you need to either change tanks or feed your fish. Once you do this, you can check your experience. It should be updated and you should have a new level confirmation! This Happy Aquarium hack is hard to follow, but if you tinker with the Cheat Engine you should get it to work!

Happy Aquarium Tips

Christmas 2009 Aquarium Decor

Here is a list of Christmas decorations that you should buy for your fish in the game! They will cost you pearls or coins.

Candy Cane – 230 coins
Slumpy Jo Tree – 65 Pearls
Crystal Fir Tree – 74 Pearls
Pre-Lit Pine Tree – 450 coins
Turtle Go-Round – 52 Pearls

How to Get a Sea Turtle

In order to get a special sea turtle for your Happy Aquarium, you will need to keep an eye on your friends' news feeds. When they encounter a Sushi Chef in the game, it will give them an option to post it to their wall. When they do this, you can adopt whatever animal they are trying to save (either a sea turtle or a baby squid). If you want to adopt the turtle, make sure you click "adopt!" as soon as you can. Otherwise, other players will adopt it first!

How to Get a Squid

These instructions are the same as for getting a sea turtle (shown above). Keep your eye on your friends' feeds!

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