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Restaurant City is a game made by Playfish (also the makers of Pet Society). The goal of the game is to expand your restaurant and be the best chef in town! You can earn coins by making money, serving customers and keeping everyone happy. Leveling up allows you to do more things in the game, have a better restaurant, and more.

Restaurant City Cheats

Restaurant City Mazes Cheat

One cheat that is commonly used in Restaurant City is the mazes cheat. This strategy is used to make the walking length from your door to your tables as far as possible. More often than not, the more expensive, higher level restaurants use a complex maze strategy.

Strategy 1: Basic mazes: Create a path for your customers to walk through from the front door. To create this path, use almost any non-wall hanging object; you can use trophies, mailboxes, and wall blocks. The objects you should avoid when creating your Restaurant City maze are tables, chairs, and stoves.

Strategy 2: Efficient mazing - Save Money Unless you are trying to make a themed restaurant, try not to use expensive items when you create a maze. The best low-cost items to use for mazing are trophies and mailboxes.

Strategy 3: When to Use Mazes If you are a low level in Restaurant City, you should not use mazes. If you are under level 17 then it will just slow your customers down and it will not add any value to your restaurant. The reason why people should use mazing is to take up customers\' time because you simply have too many. If you have have too many customers, even with your waiting chairs and arcades, you should beuild a maze. Even if you have a maze, the arcades should go near the door.

Strategy 4: Will Mazes Help? Sometimes it does; it can save pop if you have a big inflow of customers. Instead of customer traffic jams they will just be slowed down. Try this Restaurant City game cheat yourself and see if it works for you!

Restaurant City Tips

What Type of Restaurant City Plates Are There?

1. Simple

2. Standard

3. Classic

4. Tasty

5. Delicious

6. Luxurious

7. Gourmet

8. Sensational

9. Ultimate

10. Royal

As the list goes higher, each of these plates get more expensive and the more benefits there are.

How To Level Up Quickly in Restaurant City

Try to focus on focus on only one type of starter, main course and dessert. You are going to get more "gourmet points" in the game if customers order dishes of greater level. So if you concentrate on making certain dishes a really high level, then you can rack up the gourmet points.

Try to seat your customer's tables as close as you can to the cooks. That way, your servers will not have to waste time walking and your customers will be happy quicker.

Trading is key! If you can, try to find a gamers who wishes to level up by trading. If they have dishes that are completely different and require different ingredients, you two can trade in order to level up your dishes quicker!

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